Performance Measurement Concepts and Practices in a Supply Chain Context: A Study of Intel Corporation (2009)

Performance Measurement Dissertation – The scope of this report is to discuss contemporary supply chain concepts being combined with the presentation and analysis of the distribution network of a leading manufacturing company. Furthermore, focus has been placed on the delivery aspect of the supply chain, which has been simulated through the use of a case study. Also, this reports intends to highlight frequent delivery inefficiencies and how these problem areas can be deteriorated and/or potentially solved.

On a philosophical point of view, this study attempts to examine existed practices of a leading organisation in its field. But is this a ticket to success? Having vast amounts of resources, experience and business know-how imply that the company would operate flawlessly. However, in a real world context, a lot of factors can significantly influence and completely change the normal state and create problems that even multinational corporations may find it difficult to respond. The four main objectives of the dissertation are:

  • To highlight the importance of supply chain management: The importance of efficient supply chain management for businesses, its relation with customers and how it has been evolved over the recent years
  • To link supply chain theory with practice: To examine an action oriented case (Intel) where theory is put into practice
  • To evaluate the supply chain performance measurement system of the given organisation: To produce evidence of the efficiency level that Intel’s delivery performance possess
  • To make recommendations of how this system and performance can be further improved: Data analysis, problem-solving methodology, define problem, identify causes and formulation of recommendations

  • 13,000 – 50 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature and models
  • Well written throughout
  • Ideal for assignment / dissertation preparation
  • Ideal for business students

1: General supply chain trends and characteristics
Supply chain management overview
Delivery management overview
Supply chain management and consumers
Supply chain management background
Supply chain management nowadays
Supply chain trends

2: Supply chain management at Intel Corporation
Company background
Operational overview
Principal products and services
Greater European Distribution Network Services (GE DNS)
GE DNS staff structure
Intel DNS demand driven supply chain strategy
GE DNS facilities
GE DNS IT applications

3: Implementing distribution at Intel from start to finish
Customer places an order
Inbound leg
Outbound leg

4: Supply-chain measurement
The importance of supply-chain measurement
Delivery performance measurement
Map the supply chain
SCOR card

5: Data research and analysis process
Description of the data analysis process
Data collection
Data processing and analysis

6: Summary of the findings and problem solving methodology
Problem solving methodology
Define the problem
Document current situation
Identify causes
Develop solutions / recommendations




Performance Measurement In The Supply Chain Dissertation
Performance Measurement In The Supply Chain Dissertation

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