Has Online Shopping Contributed Towards The Recent Decline In UK Retail Sales (2006)

Online Shopping And Recent Decline In UK Retail Sales Dissertation – Shopping is a leisure time activity carried out by individuals in economies around the world. Purchasing goods is the fundamental underlying concept of the supply and demand theory. Consumers are willing to pay the price for goods and services they demand. Over time the channels for distribution of such goods and services have changed, consumer preferences have changed as too has technology. As individual’s life styles become more hectic, consumers aim to become more rational and seek to maximise their utility. There exists a desire to become more efficient.

What if changes in technology allowed for this? Would there be a shift of demand from one channel to another? This study attempts to answer this question by looking closely at the determinants of retail sales and whether the downtrend of late is related to the rise of consumers shopping on the internet. Findings from this study will endeavour to answer the questions and concerns expressed by the media and retail sector.

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1. Introduction

2. Literature Review
Demand for retail shopping
Demand for online shopping
Comparing online and retail shopping

3. Methodology
Retail Sales and Congestion Charge Econometric Study
Data Sources
Retail Sales
Internet connectivity
Overseas Visitors to the UK
The Economy (Unemployment)
Exchange rate (UK £ to US $)
Seasonal Dummy Variables

4. Empirical Analysis
Diagnostic Tests
Results from the analysis

5. Conclusions

6. References

7. Appendix Section Summary statistics in Congestion Charging Model
Summary Statistics in Empirical Model
Linear Regression
Log-Linear Regression
Differenced Log-Linear Regression
Correlation Matrix
Regression Excluding Unemployment
Regression Excluding CPI
Regression Excluding Seasonal Dummies


Online Shopping And Recent Decline In UK Retail Sales Dissertation
Online Shopping And Recent Decline In UK Retail Sales Dissertation

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