Comparative Analysis Into India and China as IT Outsourcing Destinations

IT Outsourcing Destinations Dissertation – Globalisation of economies over the past decade has given rise to intense global competition and has compelled business managers to improve their quality and to reduce the cycle time in introducing new products and services. Improvement in the field of telecommunication and data transmission has fostered the growth of the phenomenon of Outsourcing in which corporations are seen to outsource their non core processes to low wage economies like India and China.

This is done on a very large scale by global corporations, not only to take advantage of the labour arbitrage but also to enable them to concentrate on their core processes, thereby resulting in reduced lead-time in the introduction of new products. The main research problem is to compare the two countries with an aim to finding out which of these economies is better poised to seize an increasing share in the global IT-ITES operations. The research problem is divided into two sub problems:

H1: Can India succeed in capturing a larger share than China in the global IT-ITES operations?

H2: If the answer to the first sub problem reveals that India is indeed better poised to capture a larger share than China in the global IT-ITES landscape, would established providers of ITES services in India be able to migrate to the higher end Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) operations in the future?

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  • Outstanding use of literature
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1. Introduction
Research Problem And Objectives
Research Limitations

2. Literature Review
Economies of India and China
India And China
IT Industry In China
The Future Of The IT Industry in India and China
IT Industry In India
Strategic Review 2005: The IT Industry In India by: NASSCOM
Transition From BPO to KPO
Outsourcing Theory

3. Methodology
Methodology For The First Research Sub Problem

4. Findings
The Flow Of Foreign Direct Investment In India And China
Percentage Share Of The IT-ITES Industry In The Nation’s GDP
The Share Of ITES Sector In The Total It Industry Of The Two Countries
Wage Differentials And Wage Inflation Levels In The Two Countries
Availability Of Skilled It Professionals
Taxes And Import Tariffs In The Two Countries
Intellectual Property
Scale Of The It Industry In The Two Countries And Degree Of Consolidation
Stability Of Economies In The Two Countries
Country Rating Model
Swot Analysis
Swot Analysis For India
Strengths – India
Weaknesses – India
Opportunities – India
Threats – India
Swot Analysis For China
Strengths – China
Weaknesses – China
Opportunities – China
Threats – China

5. Conclusions
Conclusion To The First Research Sub Problem And Preface To The Second Research Sub Problem
Growth Potential Of The High End KPO Operations
Drivers Behind The Shift From The Low End ITES To The Higher End KPO
Methodology For The Second Research Sub Problem
Sample Size
Aviva India
GE Capital International Services (GECIS)
Affinity Express India
Questionnaire Feedback Analysis
Conclusion To Second Part Of The Research Problem


IT Outsourcing Destinations Dissertation
IT Outsourcing Destinations Dissertation

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