A Study Of The Extent To Which Small To Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) Effectively Use Strategic Planning And Its Impact On Organisational Performance (2007)

Using a sample of Small to medium size enterprises (SME’s) in the London area, this study investigates the extent to which SME’s make effective use of strategic planning and its impact on organisational performance.This study will examine the extent to which strategic planning is prevalent in small firms, the content of strategic plans and the planning techniques used. The study will seek to determine whether a relationship exists between strategic planning and organisational performance. Other hypotheses will test whether relationships exist between various aspects of strategic planning such as frequency of meetings, formality of strategic plans, how strategic plans are monitored and organisational performance.

Multiple measures such as the achievement of organisational objectives and organisational performance based on industry average are used to measure whether such relationships exist relationship. While no significant relationship emerges between the performance measures and the use of strategic planning, other relationships between the various variables emerge. The findings of this research contradict the findings of previous researchers who have made positive links between the effective use of strategic planning and improved organisational performance.

Despite evidence of increased strategic planning among SME’s the study illustrates that the planning behaviour of these firms is significantly informal. Evidence suggests that micro small firms are more likely to engage in less formal planning procedures.

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1 – Introduction
Research Aims
Research Motivation
Structure of Report

2 – Critical Literature Review
Strategic Planning Defined
The Strategic Planning Process
The Value of Strategic planning
Prevalence of Strategic Planning in Small Organisations
Formal versus Informal Planning
Strategic Planning and Organisational Performance
Strategic Planning in Growing Organisations
Conclusion to Literature Review

3 – Research Methodology
The Research Concept – Dissertation Question and Objective
Research Questions
The Research Process ‘Onion’
Research Paradigm
Positivism and Phenomenology
The Research Theory
Inductive and Deductive theory
The Research Strategy
Questionnaire Design
Questionnaire Content
Sample Characteristics
Hypothesis Testing
Data Analysis Techniques
Ethics of Research
Reliability and Validity
Pilot Research

4 – Presentation of Data
Survey Responses
Sample Demographics
Prevalence of Strategic Planning and barriers to Implementation
The Strategic Planning Process
Strategic Content
Planning Sophistication
Benefits of Strategic planning
Effectiveness of Strategic Planning
Hypothesis Testing

5 – Discussion of Results
Prevalence of Strategic Planning and barriers to Implementation
The Strategic Planning Process
Strategic Content
Attitudes towards Strategic Planning
Hypothesis Testing

6 – Conclusions



Strategic Planning and Organisational Performance Dissertation
Strategic Planning Dissertation

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