Impact Of Economic Liberalization On Indian Textiles Industries: Cotton Sector (2007)

The issue of Liberalization is of utmost importance with implications on the global world and industry. This research study has critically attempted to examine the impacts economic liberalization has globally and Indian cotton textile industry specifically. According to the theory the cotton textile industry has been intensely affected by trend of Liberalization and the findings suggest whether liberalization has been beneficial to the Indian textile industry.

There is a lot of controversy about this subject, which is why this subject was investigated. One of the purposes of this dissertation was to do research on whether globalization in terms of economic liberalization is beneficial to the Indian cotton textile industry and does liberalization give rise to competition and how can the textile industry in India over come problem of technological obsolesce. Another objective of this study was to research about the effects of end of MFA because of economic liberalization trend. And finally the last objective of this research was to project the future of Indian cotton textile industry.

The methodology used was qualitative because of the theoretical framework. Open ended questionnaires were distributed through email and responses collected were compared with theory to analyse the research questions and objectives. T he conclusion of the dissertation was that the impact of globalization is intense and liberalization is beneficial for the global trade and also cotton textile industry in spite of few disadvantages.

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1 – Introduction
Research questions and Objectives
Outline of study

2 – Literature Review
Meaning of globalization and prior literature
Concepts of globalization and current debate
Impact of globalization on developing countries
Meaning and prior literature of Liberalization
Liberalization policies and its impact on Indian economy
The cotton world
Impact of economic liberalization on Indian cotton and textile industry
PostMultiFibre Agreement
Current debates and problems
Success and steps taken by government
Solutions and future

3 – Methodology
Research philosophy
Data collection
Data sources and Justification
Issues during research

4 – Results and data analysis
Findings and Analysis in relation to literature review
Research Objective one
Research objective two
Research objective three

5 – Conclusions



Economic Liberalization India Dissertation
Economic Liberalization India Dissertation

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