TQM And Its Impact Among Various Sectors Of The Cyprus Tourism Industry

Total Quality Management generally provides the fundamental core of the leadership and management process within an organisation so as to face the challenges posed by the new age environment. In recent years, many organisations in an attempt to survive and regain competitive advantage have embarked within the long journey of quality. As the needs and expectations of the customers in the tourism industry become more challenging, the Cyprus Tourism Industry in order to cope with these expectations have in the last few years focused on the quality.

Methodologies such as Total Quality Management systems and ISO 9000 quality systems standards can assure quality within the several sectors of the Cyprus Tourism Industry and help it in general to regain competitive advantage. This dissertation examines the concepts of Quality and Total Quality Management and its impact on the four different sectors of the Cyprus Tourism Industry. The examination and analysis of the quality concept and total quality management framework in relation with the four sectors, provides the reader with an overview of how the Cyprus Tourism Industry cope s with this field. During the conduct of the project it became apparent that the four sectors encapsulate the TQM framework in a most effective way bringing the Cyprus Tourist Industry to a new era of competitive improvement.

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1: Quality and TQM
The Meaning of Quality
The Economic War and Quality
The Quality Gurus
The Transformation of Quality Management
Quality Control (QC)
Quality Assurance (QA)
Total Quality Management (TQM)
The Concept of TQM
The TQM Model used by the Cyprus Tourism Industry
Systems Tools
The TQM Framework
Involvement of everyone and everything
Continuous Improvement
Training and Education
Recognition and Rewards
Yearning for success
ISO 9000 Quality System
Summary of the Chapter

2: Research Methodology
Primary Data Collection
Secondary Data Collection
Sample Selection
Questionnaire Design
The Structure of the Questionnaire
Limitations of the Survey
Summary of the Chapter

3: Results and Discussion
Companies’ Details
Customers and Quality Details
Gaps in Service Quality
Total Quality Management Details
Training and Education
Recognition and Rewards
Benefits from the Adoption of TQM Framework
Summary of the Chapter

4: Conclusion



Statement of What Has Been Learned
The Cyprus Tourism Industry in the 21st Century
The Quality Gurus
Deming’s 14 Points
Involvement of Everyone and Everything
Continuous Improvement
Rewards and Recognition
Standards make up the ISO 9000 Family
Companies’ Profiles
Gaps in Service Quality
PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC)

Cyprus Tourism Industry TQM Dissertation
Tourism Industry TQM Dissertation

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