Is Culture Management A Symbol Of Management Progression Or Merely Another Form Of Management Control? A Case Study Of Retail Bank ‘X’ Versus Investment Bank ‘Y’ (2007)

This research paper examines the importance of culture management within the financial services industry. The research uses a case study approach to discover whether culture management is prevalent in the UK banking sector. The comparative analysis focuses on the retail and investment banking sectors in particular. It reviews culture literature to identify key relationships between culture management, emotional intelligence and knowledge management. It examines the extent to which organisational structures and policies impact on the management of organisational culture.

The dissertation analyses the key themes within cultural literature and demonstrates the importance placed by the banks on processes such as recruitment, training and development. The paper finds that managing culture is seen as a source of competitive advantage at investment bank ‘Y’ (IBY) whereas retail bank ‘X’ (RBX) primarily focuses on maximizing customer service and meeting sales targets. Research Objectives :

  • This research will aim to investigate whether culture management is merely a popularized theory that has a limited role within financial institutions or whether it is a concept that has been adopted by senior management within their recruitment, training and retention programmes.
  • The primary research will provide evidence into whether the individuals’ careers and/or social lives are managed by their respective places of work. This will either reinforce or dispute the view that culture management has led to a ‘blurring of boundaries’ whereby employees feel a sense of loyalty and obligation to their employers. The significance of such a feeling is that work ends up consuming almost all of their leisure time.
  • There are also vital links that will be explored between the development of management and the evolving structure of societies and organisations.
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Good in depth analysis
  • Includes interview transcripts
  • Expertly written throughout
  • Outstanding MBA dissertation

1 – Introduction
Research Question
Research Objectives
Research Site
Investment and Retail Banks
A Preface to Culture Management
A Preface to Organisational Culture

2 – Literature Review
Defining Culture
Cultural Change within Organisations
Strategic Implementation Of The Cultural Change Processes
Culture and Managerial Control: A Neglected Area Within Cultural Literature?
The Importance of Evolving Organisational Structures
The Blurring Of Boundaries
The Resistance of Cultural Controls
The Importance of the Consultancy Case Study
The Typology of Organisational Culture: Knowledge Management
The Typology of Organisational Culture: Emotional Intelligence
Culture as A Source Of Competitive Advantage
Culture: Not So Important?

3 – Methodology
The Philosophy of Research Design
The Choice of the Research Method
Critique of Interviews
Alternative Methods
The Research Sample
The Thematic Construction of the Interview Schedule
The Case Study Approach to Research
Ethical Considerations
Pilot Study
The Conducting Of Interviews
Problems with the Implementation of the Research

4 – Analysis of Findings
Human Capital Management & Training
The Importance of the Social Network
Organisational Environment
New Cultural Principles
Organisational Structure
The Recruitment and Induction Processes
Summation of the Research Findings

5 – Conclusion
Project Limitations



Culture Management Dissertation
Culture Management Dissertation

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