An Examination of Brand Management in the Global Economy with Specific Reference to Sports Brands and Sponsorship

Sport Branding and Sponsorship Dissertation – Due to the growth in competition in contemporary media environments sports organisations are becoming more and more preoccupied with their image. As a result of the high profile and fame that a sports personality attributes, they are utilised to help brands create a competitive advantage, allowing their advertisements to stand out in today’s cluttered media environment. It is recognised that this integrated communication strategy has the power to influence consumers, leading to the change in perception of a brand’s corporate identity and image by sustaining loyalty through purchase behaviour.

The aim of this dissertation is to distinguish transnational purchase intentions as a repercussion of examining consumer perceptions towards celebrity endorsements between Italy and the UK. Secondary research was derived from an amalgamation of Internet sources, online databases, newspaper articles as well as academic journals in which a critical review of the current literature was examined. In order to grasp contemporary consumer behaviour and substantiate secondary sources, primary research was carried out in the form of triangulation using interviews, questionnaires and focus groups.

  • 15,000 words – 100 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Excellent in depth analysis
  • Includes questionnaire and transcripts
  • Outstanding piece of work

1: Introduction
Research Aims and Objectives
Research Questions
Rationale for Research Topic
Design of Research Topic

2: Literature Review
Source Endorsements and the Brand
The Positive Effects of Source Endorsements
The Product Match Up Hypothesis
The Negative Effects of Source Endorsements
Source Endorsements and the Consumers
Source Credibility Model
Brand Slam
Source Attractiveness Model
Social Identity Theory
Image Transfer Model
Meaning Transfer and Cultural Foundations
Conceptual Framework
Consumer Antecedents

3: Research Design
Research Approach
Research Philosophy
Research Strategy
Data Collection Methods
Pilot Interview
The Interview
Data Captive & Analysis of Interview
Focus Groups
Rationale behind the Focus Groups
Size of the Focus Groups
Composition and setting of The Focus Groups
Plan for the Focus Groups
Content of the Focus Groups
Data Capture and Analysis
Pilot Study
On-line questionnaires
Content of Questionnaires
Data Capture and Analysis

4: Analysis
Analysis of Results
Biographical Findings from Questionnaire
Research Question 1
Advertising Recall and Recognition
Focus Groups
Brand Awareness
Attitudes towards Source Endorsement Campaigns
Research Question 2
Social Identity Theory
Research Question 3
Social Credibility Model
Research Question 4

5: Conclusion
Personal Reflection


Further Reading


Sport Branding and Sponsorship Dissertation
Sport Branding and Sponsorship Dissertation

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