Evaluate the effectiveness of Absence Management Policies And Procedures In Private And Public Sector Organisations (2008)

Absence Management Policies And Procedures Dissertation – The research in this dissertation will highlight and achieve the aims and objectives as set out below. The aim and objectives were achieved through carrying out effective desk and field research. The aim will be achieved by meeting the following objectives;

  • Evaluate Absence Management Theories through carrying out effective desk research
  • Evaluate and Discuss the Private sector’s Absence Management Policies and Procedures
  • Evaluate and Discuss the Public Sectors Absence Management Policies and Procedures
  • Discuss Public Sector Absence Management theories in comparison to Theory
  • Discuss Private sector’s Absence Management theories in comparison to Theory
  • Analyse findings from interviews and discuss different HR manager’s views on effectiveness of Absence Management Policies and Procedures.
  • Draw conclusions on effectiveness of Absence Management Policies

In order to achieve the above aim and objectives, a specific research methodology was chosen. A broad literature review will be conducted in order to draw out the key issues in “Absence Management” and to meet the objectives through the use of secondary data.

The issue of employee absence has attracted much attention in recent years and from a variety of perspectives. Absence from work has been widely acknowledged to be a growing problem for all organisations. The importance of issues such as employee absence and the need to form a focus for management’s attention are particularly important when organisations are facing increased pressure to improve their performance levels.

This dissertation will also investigate the best policies for dealing with casual absence. There are many policies and procedures an organisation can take to manage and monitor employee’s absence and attendance. This project will evaluate these policies and procedures and will look at the trends in absence management. Through looking at the policies and procedures this project will look into the similarities and differences between the Public and Private sectors.

Absence and Attendance management is vital to the success of an organisation. Employee absenteeism is a very difficult and expensive problem and deserves to be high upon a manager’s agenda. By managing employee’s sickness absence an organisation can effectively gain a better and stronger competitive edge. Sickness absence levels are very financially significant and it is the people who are bearing the cost of “illegitimate” absence that want to reduce it. However although there is growing evidence of the significant costs absence imposes on an organisation many employees feel they do not understand never mind reducing this age-old problem.

Both Private and Public Sector organisations are beginning to realise that absence and attendance management techniques are essential if employee morale, cost control and ultimately profits are to be improved. Managing absence and attendance is as critical a part of success for a private organisation as it is for a public sector organisation.

  • 13,000 words – 55 pages in length
  • Excellent literature review
  • Excellent in depth analysis
  • Includes survey questionnaires
  • Ideal for business, HR and management students

1- Introduction
Aims and Objectives

2 – Review of Literature
Managing Absence
Managers Role in Absence Management
Return to Work Interviews
Differences between Public and Private Sectors
Dismissal for Short-term Absenteeism
Issues within Absence Management

3 – Methodology of Field Research
Inductive and Deductive Reasoning
Quantitative and Qualitative Methods
Selection of Field Research
Difficulties and Limitations

4 – Field Research Analysis
Findings from Employee Survey
Findings from Line Managers Survey
Findings from Interviews with Human Resource Managers

5 – Conclusion

6 – References

7 – Bibliography

8 – Appendix
Employee Survey
Line Manager Survey

Absence Management Policies And Procedures Dissertation
Absence Management Policies And Procedures Dissertation

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