A Strategic Analysis Of The UK E-Retail Industry (2008)

This dissertation is concerned with the strategic analysis of UK E-retail industry. It contains information about UK E-retail industry and is very basis of this dissertation. E-retailing occupies an eminent in the economies of all modern societies. The E-retail sector changing at an ever-increasing rate and this is leading to greater competitor activity. Such activity leads to need to improve the way companies approach E-retail marketing.

Retailing is one of the major economic sectors of the country, with retail sales of £221 billion, employing around 3 million people and operating over 300,000 shops. Within the sector there is a scale polarization at both the business and the store level. The leading retailers are huge, multinational businesses which dominate the sector. They operate a range of stores from major hypermarkets and supercentres through to small convenience stores. Retailing is also significant it its social dimension as well. Whilst economically retailing bridges production and consumption, in social terms it affects most of the population every day. It is the rare person who does not go shopping, or indeed has not worked in retailing or been involved in it in some way. For some, retailers offer their major social intercourse of the day or week and act as a social network, setting or centre.

The quality of UK retailing and its locations thus has both an economic and a social bearing on the perceptions of the country. What we term retailing is however changing, both in horizontal and vertical terms. Traditional product boundaries have altered and strict lines of business have dissolved. Retailers have also extended their tasks to encompass the supply chain and intermediaries and suppliers are effectively managed and controlled by the retailers’ channel dominance.

Mr. Douglas Alexander MP – Former Minister of State for E-Commerce and Competitiveness addressed that E-Commerce and the internet are transforming economies and societies across the world. The UK’s online population is growing – it has quadrupled in 3 years 39% of households are now online. Last year, 26% of people bought online, and e-retail sales are estimated at over £1 billion. According to retailers in the Pricewaterhouse Coopers survey, is improved service provision – increased responsiveness, a better ‘pre-shop’ experience and improved customer relationship management. Retailers have also learnt from their recent experiences and are increasingly adopting a multi-channel approach to reach their customers, aiming for consistency of message and brand across channels.

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1: Introduction
Online Retailing in the UK: An Overview
Research Area

2: Research Methodology
Research Methodology
Purpose of Research
Exploratory Research
Descriptive Research
Explanatory Research
Research Approach
Research Strategy
Primary Data Collection
Case study Method
Steps in Case study Method
Advantages & Disadvantages of Case study
Secondary Data Collection
Data Analysis

3: Literature Review
Growing Importance of E-retail Industry
E-marketing Defined
Online Retailing
The Features of E-retailing
E-retail mix
Process of Internationalization
International Development Position
Trends in Retail Internationalization
The Strategic Dimension
Consumer Behaviour
Customer Satisfaction
Buyer-Seller Relationship
Competitive Analysis
Strategic Perspective
Brand Perspective
Brand Extension

4: Secondary Research
UK: E-retail Sector- Scale & Scope
PEST Analysis
Political Structure & Trends
Economic Structure & Trends
Socio-Cultural & Life style Aspirations
Demographic Structure & Trends
Product & Process Innovations
Case-Study Analysis
Company1: J Sainsbury
Company2: Tesco

5: Primary Research Analyses

6: Generic Findings and Conclusions
Secondary Research Findings
Primary Research Findings

7: Conclusion & Strategic Options
Conclusion & Recommendations
Future of E-retailing



UK E-Retail Industry Dissertation
UK E-Retail Industry Dissertation

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