To What Extent Do Companies In The Solar Electricity Sector Apply Corporate Philanthropy

Solar Electricity Sector And Philanthropic Initiatives Dissertation – The commitment for Corporate Social Responsibility is voluntary and exceeds obligations imposed by law or expectations of society with the aim to improve the welfare of the community. Its importance is reflected in the fact that highly recognised institutions like the EU or UN have addressed this issue. Corporate Philanthropy, an element of Corporate Social Responsibility, represents in this context the opportunity for companies to return something to the community or society in which they are operating by giving direct donations or conducting a range of other philanthropic initiatives.

Thus they behave like corporate citizens and can improve the company’s image. If applied in a strategic way, Corporate Philanthropy can even become a powerful instrument in order to satisfy the company’s stakeholders or create competitive advantage. This study aims to provide an insight into the application of Corporate Philanthropy in the PV solar electricity sector.

Therefore, the primary research concentrates on companies in this sector. The aim hereby is to elaborate firstly if these companies get involved with philanthropic initiatives in general and secondly if they apply Corporate Philanthropy in a strategic way. In this context an illustration of the companies’ philanthropic initiatives as well as motivation for their philanthropic commitment will be outlined.

The research shows that Corporate Philanthropy is applied by the majority of the companies in the PV solar electricity sector and hence they use this opportunity to return something to the community or society. However, there remains ambiguity concerning the clear strategic approach used when implementing the philanthropic initiatives. Further research is recommended in order to gain a deeper understanding of the implementation of Corporate Philanthropy in the PV solar electricity sector.

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1 – Introduction
Corporate Philanthropy & Corporate Social Responsibility
Purpose of dissertation
Aims and objectives
Summary of chapters

2 – Literature Review
Corporate Social Responsibility
Definition of Corporate Social Responsibility
Necessity for applying Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Philanthropy
Why do companies apply Corporate Philanthropy?
The financial debate
Strategic philanthropy
Motivation for a strategic approach
Conditions for success

3 – Methodology
Secondary data
Primary Research
Questionnaire design
Sending the questionnaire
Processing of the data
Advantages of questionnaires
Limitations of questionnaires
Ethical implications

4 – Primary Research: Findings And Analysis
Profile of the respondents
Corporate Philanthropy in the PV solar electricity sector
Application of Corporate Philanthropy: Yes or no?
Duration of philanthropic commitment
The components of Corporate Philanthropy
Philanthropic initiatives
Cooperation with institutions
Communication of philanthropic initiatives
Philanthropic commitment and economic performance
The decision-making process
Decision makers
Determination of budget
Criteria for selection of philanthropic initiatives
Stakeholder approach
Underlying motivation
Examples of philanthropic initiatives

5 – Conclusion
Further research




Solar Electricity Sector And Philanthropic Initiatives Dissertation
Solar Electricity Sector And Philanthropic Initiatives Dissertation

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