A Cultural Exploration of Slovenia in General and in Terms of Business Affairs

Cultural Exploration of Slovenia Dissertation – This text deals with Slovenia’s culture in general and in terms of business affairs. Literature of contemporary culture theorists is critically discussed. Focus is set on Geert Hofstede´s cultural dimensions and Edward T. Hall‟s theory of high –and low-context cultures. Slovenia has been evaluated or respectively, re-evaluated according to these theories and consequently an original theory of Slovenia‟s culture has been designed.

For this purpose, a small and thus not representative sample of the Slovenian population has been interviewed and these findings have been analysed on the basis of Hall’s and Hofstede’s work. The outcome of this work differs from Hofstede´s results and provides an end result of Slovenia being mainly low-context. This work intends to provide a detailed review of Slovenian culture and thus to look to some extent beyond the wide, sometimes confusing, term former Yugoslavia under which the single countries which once constituted it become blurred. This study aims to analyse Slovenian culture both in general and in terms of business affairs.

What cultural considerations should be taken into account in order to negotiate and trade successfully with the Slovenes? This will be explored through telephone interviews in qualitative research. A sample of seven Slovenians was collected in order to explore how they themselves understand their culture, so as to develop an original theory about it. The telephone approach was chosen since the author has not had the possibility in financial terms as well as time terms to travel to Slovenia for this work.

Since there cannot be found sufficient specific literature about the Slovenian culture, the dissertation aims to analyse cultural theories, especially those from Hofstede. Geert Hofstede’s cultural dimensions as well as Edward T. Hall’s factors of being a low-context or a high-context society will be employed in the interview. Since Hofstede used a quantitative approach for his study and, as his theory is by some means already fairly dated, different results might be achieved. No scores could be found concerning Slovenia and Hall’s factors. Consequently, this study aims to discover as well, as far as possible, whether Slovenia‟s culture can be considered as being more high-context or low-context.

  • 10,000 words – 76 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Good in depth analysis
  • Well written throughout
  • Includes interview transcripts
  • Ideal for international business students

1 – Introduction
Topic and Purpose
Boundaries – Focus of the Study
Aims and Objectives
Outline of the Chapters

2 – Literature Review
Geert Hofstede´s Work
Further Notes to Hofstede´s Dimensions
Critics on Hofstede´s Work
Justification for Using Hofstede´s Work in this Study
Edward T. Hall’s Work
Critics on Hall‟s Work
Justification for Using Hall‟s Work in this Study

3 – Methodology
Informed Consent and Explanations of the Interview
Writing up the Findings
Language and Translation
Intellectual Property Rights
Selection, Explanation and Justification of the Research Methods
Primary Research
Qualitative Method
Interpretivist Philosophy of the Research
Deductive Approach to the Research
Snowball Sampling Method
Method: Semi-Structured, In-Depth Interview
Procedure of the Interviews
Initial Interview and its Failure
Design of the Actual Interview
The Actual Interview
Limitations and Advantages of the used Methodology
Telephone Interview
Translation and Amateur Research

4 – Findings and Analysis
Power Distance
Uncertainty Avoidance
Long-term Versus Short-term Orientation
Masculinity Versus Femininity
High-context Versus Low-context
The Openness of Messages
The Locus of Control
Appliance of Mimics and Gestures
Expression of Reactions
Attitudes towards Family
Attitudes towards time

5 – Conclusion
Conclusion from the Data Analysed
Hofstede´s Dimensions
Hall‟s Cultural Factor‟s
Application of Relevant Theory to the Data Gathered
Conclusion from Data Related to Prior Research of Others
Has the Aim Been Achieved?
Need for Further Research
Reference List



Cultural Exploration of Slovenia Dissertation
Cultural Exploration of Slovenia Dissertation

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