Has European Union Assistance In Terms Of Better Regulations Improved For Small And Medium Sized Enterprises (SME’S) Since The Introduction Of The Modern European SME Policy In 2005?

What follows is a study of whether European Assistance, in terms of better regulations has improved for SMEs since the Modern European SME Policy in 2005. The author will initially investigate the main barriers that SMEs face when starting up a business, and in the process, the study will help to determine what still needs to be achieved in terms of reducing regulatory barriers and encouraging entrepreneurship for SMEs in the future.

The author will first of all gather primary research through the conduct of two interviews with a government official and a local entrepreneur in order to find out their views of what the main barriers to start-up are and how these relate to European Union support over the past 5 years. Secondary research will also be collected through the study of a European Commission strategic review paper of the Modern European SME Policy of 2005.

This will help to determine what this policy agenda has achieved and what support measures need to be introduced or improved in order to reduce regulatory burdens and encourage entrepreneurship in the European Union. The aims of the research project are to:

  • Provide an evaluative summary of the literature on SMEs, barriers to start-up, and regulatory burdens (through the provision of a literature review)
  • Analyse whether regulatory burdens are the main barrier to start-up
  • Critically evaluate the Modern European SME Policy of 2005 in terms of what has/has not been achieved to better support SMEs.

  • 10,000 words – 85 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Good in depth analysis
  • Well written throughout
  • Ideal for international business and enterprise students

Overview of the project
Aims and Objectives
Chapter Outlines

Literature Review
Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs)
SMEs in the European Union (EU)
The Importance of SMEs for the European Economy
SME Barriers to Start-Up
SME Barriers
The Effect of Barriers on Entrepreneurship
Regulatory Burdens
Defining Regulation
Better Regulations in the EU
Reducing Administrative Burdens
Developing Future EU Legislation
Concluding Comments

Research Methodology
Research Philosophies
Secondary Data
Advantages and Limitations of Secondary Data
Choice of Secondary Data
Primary Research Considerations and choices
Interview Advantages
Interview Limitations
Conduct of Research and Limitations

Analysis and Findings
Interviews – Background
Main Findings
Strategic Review of the Modern European SME Policy – Background
Main Findings

Main Findings
Limitations of Research
Recommendations for Further Research




Modern European SME Policy Dissertation
Modern European SME Policy Dissertation

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