To What Extent Do Retained Executive Search Firms Contribute To An Organisation’s Business Performance?

Executive Search Firms Dissertation – The last two decades have been characterised by trends such as globalisation, technological breakthroughs and consequently an increasing competition for organisations of all shapes and sizes. Especially organisations that operate in a constantly changing environment have to work hard in order to keep up with their competitors. At the same time they have to face retiring baby-boomers and enormous geographic changes which basically create a war for talent.

Selecting and recruiting talented C-level staff is crucial to an organisation‟s future and must be therefore deliberate and well arranged, whereas often time and money determine the decision. Executive search firms (ESF) could offer help and act as an external consultancy to find people who fit with the needs of the organisation. These third-party advisors, who are also known as head-hunters, could bring in the right balance of objectivity, comprehensive knowledge about a particular industry and help organisations to focus more on their core business.

Apart from the fees ESFs charge, they could play an important role in terms of an organisation’s future and its business performance. This paper examines the advantages and disadvantages of retained ESFs who exclusively asked for advice when it comes to the recruitment of senior-level or rather C-level positions. The research shows that ESFs could indeed contribute positively to an organisation‟s business performance, provided that not only the external advisor is well chosen and assessed, but also that the organisation knows its own culture and needs.

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1 – Introduction
Megatrends And Their Impact On Organisations
Research Objectives

2 – Literature Review
Definitions and Delimitation of Relevant Terms
Executive Search/Headhunting
Executive Search Consultants
Executive Search From A Broader Perspective
In-house vs. external
Rationale for Outsourcing
The Input of Headhunters to a Company
Concerns about Executive Search Firms
Money, Expertise and Time
Ethics in Executive Search

3 – Methodology
Research Method
Data collection
Primary Data Collection Through Qualitative Research
Choice of Respondents
Secondary Data
Ethical Implications

4 – Findings and Analysis
Major Concerns
People as Differentiator
The Impact of C-level Staff
Reducing Risk
Impact on Business Performance

5 – Conclusion
Further Research




Executive Search Firms Dissertation Dissertation
Executive Search Firms Dissertation Dissertation

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