Analysis Into No Frills And Low Cost Airlines In India: Accounting For Growth, Performance & Comparison (2008)

No Frills And Low Cost Airlines In India Dissertation – Traveling by air had always been like an inspirational factor for the common Indians. Air – travel even a year back used to be like a distant dream to many of the India’s 200 million middle class community. The industry was always looked down once upon a time with only state-owned players enjoying a monopoly. In the last couple of year, the Indian Aviation sector has metamorphosed in a big way.

A cluster of new airlines rolling out the warm hospitality of red carpets to the Indians, for who air travel was simply an Aspiration and a distant dream. These airlines are called the No-frills or low cost Airlines, the new buzz in the Indian Aviation sector. As the name suggest, the no-frill airlines are the de-glamorized version of the conventional or full service Airlines. In today’s scenario, venture capital of $10 million or less is enough to launch an airline.

Private airlines are known to hire foreign pilots, get expatriates or retired personnel from the Air Force or PSU (Indian Airlines, Air India) airlines, in senior management positions to run the show. Further, they outsource such functions as ground handling, check-in, reservation, aircraft maintenance, catering, training, revenue accounting, IT infrastructure, loyalty and program management. The main hypothesis that the thesis revolves around is whether Indians are ready for frequent air travel thereby substituting railways after the introduction of No-frill airlines in India.

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1. Introduction

2. Critical Review of Literature
Overview of the present Scenario of the Airline Industry in India
Key Players in the Civil Aviation Sector
No-Frills Low Cost Airlines in India
Business model of no-frills low cost airlines vis-à-vis full service airlines in India

3. Research Methodology
Nature of Research
Research Hypothesis
Research Design
Key Target Respondents
Sample Size

4. Consumer- Insights from the Air Travelers

5. Research Process with Airline Officials

6. Factors influencing buying decision for No-frills airlines

7. The Most Popular Low-Cost Airline in India
Reasons for Kingfisher to enjoy a high Brand Equity
Marketing strategies of Air Deccan
Operational and Marketing strategies of Spice-Jet

8. Conclusion

9. Recommendations



Low Cost Airlines In India Dissertation
No Frills And Low Cost Airlines In India Dissertation

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