MBA Project on Customer Relationship Management CRM

MBA Project on Customer Relationship– CRM is an integrated effort to recognize, maintain, and build up a network with individual consumers and to constantly strengthen the network for mutual benefit of both sides, through interactive, individualized and value-added contacts over a period of time. The core theme of all CRM is its focus on co-operative and collaborative relationships between the firm and its customers, and/or other marketing actors.

CRM is based on the premise that, by having a better understanding of the customers’ needs and desires we can keep them longer and sell more to them. An important facet of CRM is “customer selectivity”. Several research studies have shown not all customers are equally profitable. The company must therefore be selective and tailor its program and marketing efforts by segmenting and selecting appropriate customers for individual marketing programs.

In some cases, it could even lead to “outsourcing of some customers” so that a company better utilize its resources on those customers it can serve better and create mutual value. However, the objective of a company is not to really prune its customer base but to identify appropriate customer programs and methods that would be profitable and create value for the firm and the customer.

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  • In depth analysis of CRM
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Executive Summary

The Customers
Who are the customers?
Knowing the customers
Five New Approaches to Customer Value

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
What is CRM?
How it works?
CRM’s Evolution
Key Principles of CRM
Reduce operational cost
Enhance the service
Sell more services in the same package
Empower the customer

Benefits for Organization
Benefits of CRM to Customers

CRM Status
A Peep into the Past
The Present
The Future
Future Advantages of CRM

What is e-CRM?
Why employ e-CRM?
The six “E’s” of e-CRM
e-CRM Architecture

CRM – IT or Management
The New Face of Marketing
Integration of IT and Management for implementing successful CRM

Key Areas of CRM
Major areas of CRM
Marketing Automation
Sales force Automation:
Customer service

Implementation of CRM
Implementation of CRM
Call Centre
CRM Interaction Cycle

CRM and The Internet Age
CRM –In the Internet Age
Looking back: The Industrial Era Model
Looking beyond: The Internet Era Model

Integrated CRM
Integrated Customer Relationship Management

Myths About CRM
Myths of CRM- The 4 Deadly Sins
Myth-1: CRM is just about technology
Myth-2: CRM is just about improving sales
Myth-3: You can just buy a CRM package and bolt it onto your existing systems
Myth-4: A midsize company’s best bet is to use the same CRM package its larger competitors do

CRM Roadmap
Need for CRM
How CRM changed the processes in ICICI?
How organizations optimize cost in CRM?
CRM at HDFC Bank
CRM Roadmap:
How CRM changed the processes in HDFC?
Benefits of CRM
CRM Conclusion
Benefits of CRM
CRM Roadmap
CRM at CITI Bank
Benefits of CRM
CRM Roadmap:

CRM Report Analysis
Report Analysis




MBA Project on Customer Relationship Management CRM
MBA Project on Customer Relationship Management CRM

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