Investigation of the Underlying Principle for Team Working Techniques and Team Working Effectiveness

Different techniques and skills are used to achieve an organisation’s goals and objectives. One of the techniques used by organisations is team working. This research paper presents an empirically based case study on an organisation’s team working techniques and also investigates the effectiveness of team working in the men’s apparel department.

The organisation that has been examined for the purpose of this research is Company Z, a chain of departmental stores situated in Mumbai. Questionnaires were developed and sent to both, the staff and managers to analyse the team working effectiveness and techniques adapted to form and develop teams respectively. Structured interviews were also conducted among five (5) managers to understand the organisation’s rational for team working and techniques adapted to form and develop teams. Finally conclusions and recommendations have been presented in the end and areas for further research have also been suggested.

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What is team working?
Organisation chosen for the research
Research objectives
Significance of the study

Literature Review And Conceptual Framework
Virtual teams
Single discipline & Cross functional teams
Multi cultural teams, multi disciplinary teams and multi Professional teams
Tuckman’s model of team development
Conceptual Framework

Research Methodology
Research design
Research methodology
Qualitative method
Quantitative method
Methods of data collection
Data collection and sampling
Structured interviews
Secondary data
Research approach
Cross mapping matrix
Data analysis
Research credibility

Data Analysis And Findings
Research population
Administered questionnaires
Feedback on staff questionnaires
Feedback on manager’s questionnaires
Structured interviews
Response to find out why the introduction of team working
Response to know if team working improves performance
Response to determine the underlying principle/rational for team working and the techniques adapted to form and develop teams

Conclusions And Recommendations
Limitations of the study
Feasibility, suitability and acceptability of this research



Team Working Techniques Dissertation
Team Working Techniques Dissertation

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