Cultural Differences and Aspects of Internet Privacy

Internet Privacy and Cultural Differences Dissertation – This final year research project has been derived from the initial research phase of the project whereby the problem of privacy was examined in the context of globalization, that current approaches to privacy are culturally biased, reflecting only one of a number of possible standpoints.

Substantial research conducted on internet privacy resulted in countless cultural standpoint theories but few studies focused on the consumer’s expectations which are the key to gaining a successful competitive advantage in the global business market. In recent years there has been some interesting debate about privacy; particularly interest in storage of personal data; that has several social, cultural and economic implications attached along with apprehension towards the information society.

Current philosophy focuses the problem of privacy mainly on Western society’s expectations that is shown to be limiting growth and development of e-commerce businesses. Results based on surveys are used to demonstrate this point, comparing the privacy perceptions in the Asian culture to the Western culture. This paper pursues the following research question: does the Internet’s current system for protecting individual privacy cater for differences between cultural perspectives?

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Summary of IP Research
The Critical Evaluation
Aims and Objectives
Why is there a need for further research?
Evaluation of the effectiveness of the processes followed
Response Rate
Survey Results
Literature Search
Assessment of whether the research has met the requirements
Alternative approaches
Recommendations for any Further Development of the Work

Research Report
Literature Review
Defining Culture
Cultural Differences
Conceptualizations of Privacy
Cross-Cultural Differences in Privacy
The ‘Great Firewall of China’
Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions Model
Questionnaire Design
Sample Size
Response Rate
Further Work

Statistical Analysis
Online Survey
Statistical Analysis
Results of UK Survey
Results of China Survey

The Project Log
Project Log
Project Plan
Development Stage Gantt Chart
Revised Research Gantt Chart
Supervision Meetings Records
Professional Development Log


Internet Privacy and Cultural Differences Dissertation
Internet Privacy and Cultural Differences Dissertation

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