How Do Supplier Collaboration Practices Improve Quality and Competitiveness in the Automotive Industry?

Supplier Collaboration Practices in the Automotive Industry Dissertation – The modern global automotive industry is becoming increasingly competitive all the time. Manufacturing organisations, namely the Japanese pioneers Nissan and Toyota are now actively forming supplier alliances in order to knock down the existing barriers between the organisation and the supplier; they adopt formal structures which give a transparent supply chain right through to the customer.

The collaboration phenomenon The research into collaborative practices shows competition in business increasingly comes from competing supply chains and advantages can be found through techniques like service differentiation or cost leadership. This dissertation examines and discusses how collaboration practices between the automotive manufacturer and supplier organisation can optimize business performance within the automotive industry.

The study identifies Jaguar motors UK as a prominent example for studying exactly what type of supplier relationship strategies are being deployed and how such practices contribute to achieving a competitive edge within this sector. The study recommends that automaker-supplier collaboration techniques should be continually practiced within the automotive sector for improving business performance.

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Reasons behind the research
Objectives of investigation
Chapter overview
Chosen Organisation

Literature Review
The Global Automotive Industry
Automotive supply chain relationships
Quality systems and standards
Building trust in the extended enterprise
Managing trust and coping with associated risks
Supplier development for competitive advantage
Supplier development in practice
The synchronous supply chain
Developing a synchronous supply strategy
Collaborative relationships and synchronous supply structure for improving production and logistics
Creating dedicated assets for competitive advantage
Chapter summary

Research Methodology
Justification for research
Qualitative and quantitative research
Conduct of research
Chapter summary

Case study analysis protocol
Purpose for analysis tool
Guidelines for data collection
Focus inquiries
Case study analysis
Survey Questionnaire [Jaguar]
Summary table
Chapter summary

Discussion and Evaluation
Introductory overview
Jaguar motors UK [Questionnaire survey]
Limitations and recommendations



Supplier Collaboration Practices in the Automotive Industry Dissertation
Supplier Collaboration Practices in the Automotive Industry Dissertation

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