A Study into the Effects of Organisational Culture on Employee Motivation

Effects of Organisational Culture on Employee Motivation Dissertation – Due to expanding borders and increasing international competitiveness, organisations operate in an aggressive global environment. The knowledge of all aspects of management is not only important but also very crucial. According to Graham & Bennett, one of the important elements of operation in management is Human Resource Management. Human Resources Management has mainly three functions, acquiring human resources, maintaining them, and developing them.

HRM is resource centered which directs human resources and represents appropriate culture and climate for the employees in the organisations. Out of all assets in an organisation, Human Resource is the most important and dominant which give companies edge over others. Thus, organisational management is buying commitment of employees by successfully implementing motivation policies and principles.

This MBA dissertation will be presented in six chapters. In the chapter one, we introduce the research and give a background to the research, the purpose of the research and the objectives of the research. Chapter two, the literature review, identifies and discusses some of the relevant literature that is available on the subject matter. This will establish a solid background of information that is required to complete the research area. In the chapter three, Research Methodology describes how the research was conducted, in terms of questionnaires, interviews etc.

There will be a detailed explanation of the usage of these methods. The chapter four will consist of summarizing the results obtained from the research methodology. By analyzing the data collected it will be possible to present the findings of the research. In the chapter five, we will draw a suitable conclusion from the findings and relate them to the original hypothesis. This section will also determine whether the research has met its objectives. There will be a number of suitable and realistic recommendations given to organisations, on methods to improve the organisation culture to achieve a totally motivated team of workers in the chapter six.

  • 15,000 words – 70 pages in length
  • Good use of literature
  • Good in depth analysis
  • Well written throughout
  • Includes questionnaire

1 – Introduction
Structure of the Dissertation

2 – Literature Review
Communication Methods
Leadership Style
Motivational Theory
Motivational Model
Organisation Culture and Motivational Factors
Power Culture
Role Culture
Person Culture
Task Culture
Power Distance
Uncertainty Avoidance
Individualism Versus Collectivism
Masculinity Versus Femininity
Summary of Literature Review
Company overview

3 – Research Methodology
Sources of Information
Computerized Technology
Library Facilities
Data Collection
Ethical Issues
Scope and Limitations

4 – Findings
Summary of Findings

5 – Conclusion
Relating the findings to the hypothesis
Has the Research met its Objectives?

6 – Recommendations
Increased Salary
Good Relationship
Training/Staff Development Opportunities
Effective Management
Recommendations for Further Research


Appendix Section

Effects of Organisational Culture on Employee Motivation Dissertation
Effects of Organisational Culture on Employee Motivation Dissertation

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