An Examination into the Deployment of Supply Chain Management at Sony Electronics: Does It Increase Productivity and Customer Satisfaction? (2011)

The period in global business when firms just invested and forget is well and truly over. With speedy advancement in technology and constantly increasing consumer demands, the scenario has completely altered now. Almost each and every organization now focuses upon building a strong Supply Chain Management (SCM) to facilitate easy flow of goods along with maintain good links with both customers and suppliers. They aspire to attain high level of customer satisfaction, increased profit margins, improved productivity as well as improved ways of aiding both employees and the managing staff.

This research study attempts to explore the extent to which Supply Chain Management (SCM) approach can benefit multinationals to meet their objectives and attain distinctive competitive edge by considering the case of Sony Electronics in specific. This MBA research project is a mix of primary and secondary research technique and aims to perform a comparative study between the Supply Chain Management strategies at Sony, LG, Samsung and Videocon.

The data has been gathered both from secondary sources such as library, text books, online journals, articles as well as interviews with management staff from Sony, LG, Videocon and Samsung. Keeping the rapid growth of SCM in consideration along with its benefit, this study is a step ahead in this area. Through the medium of both primary and secondary data, it attempts to critically examine the way Supply Chain Management facilitates increase in productivity and also enhances customer satisfaction of multinational companies by taking the case of Sony Electronics. The sections below highlight the research aims and objectives in detail along with the structure of the overall dissertation.

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1. Introduction
Research Overview
Aims and Objectives
Research Questions
Structure of the Dissertation

2. Literature Review
Notion of Supply Chain Management (SCM)
Links within the Supply Chain Management (SCM)
Benefits of Supply Chain Management (SCM)
Elements of Supply Chain
Components of Supply Chain Management (SCM)
Background of Sony Electronics
Supply Chain Management at Sony Electronics
Sony’s Structure for Promoting Supply Chain Management
Implementation Framework

3. Challenges
Research Methodology
Justification of Theoretical Approach
Research Paradigm
Research Methodology
Ethical Considerations
Challenges Encountered
Alternative Approach

4. Discussion
Case Discussion

5. Finding and Analysis
Case Analysis
LG Electronics Green Program
Certification Process
Documents for Suppliers

6. Conclusion
Key Findings and Recommendations
Future Research Options
Concluding Remark



Supply Chain Management Dissertation
Supply Chain Management Dissertation

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