An Investigation on How Innovative Companies Gain a Competitive Advantage through Effective Management of Technology (2012)

Management of Technology and Innovation Dissertation – The key objective of this dissertation project is to analyse the management of technology and innovation and to ascertain if technology focused businesses gain a competitive advantage over rivals through the use of technological innovation. This dissertation offers a comprehensive way to understand the role of Technology within the corporate strategy. It also points out the relevant theories and tools available to manage innovative technologies and ultimately delivers applicable recommendations to drive Innovative companies toward success.

Technology management is certainly a very wide topic, but it is purposely kept as wide as possible to reach a broader audience. Hence there will be no particular focus on a specific technology management, like IT Management (Information Technology), which is by itself already a fairly wide area of study. The dissertation is structured into four chapters which embody a “course concept” that takes into account several level of information.

The study is first introducing concepts such as Strategy, Management, Innovation, and clarifying the role of Technology within the scope of the Company’s Strategy. In this latter part of chapter one, we can observe how technology can be in fact related to strategy. This is illustrated based on commonly used strategic business templates.

A selection of major Technology Management approaches is provided and organized into what we would call the “Technology Management Process”. Hence chapter 2 is entirely explaining the 4 essential steps to implement an effective and efficient technology management. A third chapter follows this second part. It is an empirical study of known implementations of technology management approaches. This part is based on several case studies from both macro (Industry) and Micro (Corporate level) standpoints.

In Chapter 4, Knowledge management is going to be explored as a critical variable of Technology management. Ultimately, recommendations are provided on the basis of a synthesized and “ready for use” business template/chart summarizing outputs from this study. To this extent, parts of prior researches conducted during previous working experiences is supporting and illustrating the results with consistent examples.

  • 20,000 words – 130 pages in length
  • Good use of literature
  • Good in depth analysis
  • Well written throughout
  • Ideal for business and IT students

1. Strategic Management of Technology (SMT)
Defining Technology
Technology within the scope of the Company’s strategy
Technology as a Strategic Enhancer of Worldwide Welfare
Technology Push versus Market Pull
The Spiral of Technology
Issues raised by SMT
Classification of Technology Management approaches
Technology Lifecycles
Technology Portfolio
Technology Roadmapping

2. Technology Management Process (TMP)
Step1: Defining Technology status-quo
Step2: Technology Scouting
Step3: Technology Valuation
Quantitative Methods
Qualitative Methods
STEP 4: Technology Roadmapping
STEP 5: Implementation and Controlling

3. Theory into Practice: Case studies
Industry level
Car Manufacturing Industry: EV (Electrical Vehicles)
Solar Photovoltaic
Corporate level

4. Knowledge Management

5. Conclusion

6. Recommendations



Management of Technology and Innovation Dissertation
Management of Technology and Innovation Dissertation

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