Setting Objectives at LZ Company A Critical Evaluation in Management by Objective Approach (2012)

Management by Objective Approach Dissertation – LZ Ltd. is one of the major manufacturers of cosmetics of skin care, hair styling and care in China. After its privatization in 1996, it attempted to make greater achievements by regenerating its managerial system. Management by Objective (MBO) is one of the main approaches they took. But, to the disappointment of the management, the result was not as good as expected; especially the target setting processes appear to burden the staff.

This dissertation study takes a critical look at the existing target setting of the Management by Objective approach in this company. It assesses the procedures of its target setting, the characteristics of the process, and analysis of staff attitude and performance. To obtain an in-depth and detailed understanding of the attitudes and evaluate the barriers, questionnaires with 50% coverage of the total staff in the company were carried out and 12 people from the company were chosen for semi-structured interviews.

In addition, secondary data from the company was sought and content analyzed. Both qualitative and quantitative data was collected and considered. This investigation identified the barriers to setting appropriate and achievable targets as: lack of management skill, lack of proficiency, insufficient awareness, and fear of Failure. In addition, some other barriers are: too strong an incentive orientated, top-down communication, and insufficient knowledge of staff views. Neglect of the company in review and adjustment of the programme implementation are also identified as factors preventing setting targets successfully.

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  • Includes Questionnaire
  • Ideal for business and HRM students

Profile of LZ (Guanghou) Ltd
Management by Objectives (MBO)
Research objectives

Literature review
MBO and Its Main Elements
Objectives in MBO approach
Objective setting
Characteristics of objectives and objectives setting
Procedures of objectives setting
Objectives and strategic vision and mission
Objectives and decision-making
Integrating objectives into organization targets
Objective and department
Objective and individuals
Objectives and plan
Primary barriers of good objective setting
Conceptual framework

Research Methodology
Research philosophy
Research strategy
Critical evaluation of the research methods selected
Quantitative and qualitative research methods
Semi-structured interview
Secondary data
Reliability and validity
Cross Mapping Matrix

Education level of the participants
Knowledge of Management
Knowledge of MBO target setting before LZ Ltd.’s introduction
Conclusion and comments for the general situation
Strategic vision and mission
Integration of the strategic decision-making with the vision and mission
Integration of targets
The accordance of the company’s targets with vision and mission
The integration of departmental targets with the company ones
The accordance of individual targets with the departmental ones
Goal review and action plan match
Action plan to carry out company targets
Action plan to carry out department targets
Personal action plan to carry out individual targets
Conclusion and comments for objective one

Conclusions and recommendations



Management by Objective Approach Dissertation
Management by Objective Approach Dissertation

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