International Business Entry Mode in China (2010)

International Business Entry Mode in China – Today economic globalization is far more intensive, rapid and to develop the domestic economy through utilization of foreign capital flow is becoming a country’s common objective. Foreign investment becomes an essential part for the healthy growth of the host country’s economy, but the attitudes and the policies taken by the host countries especially the developing countries are varying. Therefore it is important to learn and know the attitudes and policies of the host countries for foreign firms before making investment. In addition, the country’s culture and market environment greatly affect different types of entry modes.

This dissertation explored the characters of different types of entry modes and seeking through various aspects that affect the decision making on choosing the right form of entry mode in China. Now China becomes the largest country in attracting foreign capitals among developing countries. A comprehensive examination and adjustment of China’s strategies in utilization of foreign capitals has been an important topic that cannot be ignored.

  • 15,000 words – 66 pages in length
  • Good use of literature
  • Good in depth analysis
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  • Ideal for international business students

China’s opening up
Chinese economy
Why foreign investors choose China

Types of entry modes
FDI Joint venture

Chinese Culture
Culture affects on Exporting
Culture affects on Licensing and franchising
Culture affects on Joint venture (FDI)

Chinese regulations and policies against foreign firms
Licensing and franchising
Joint venture

A Case study (KFC)
Internationalization of KFC
Choosing the Chinese market
Market entry options
Recommended entry mode: Joint venture
Recommended location
Central control versus local responsiveness

Interview with a foreign company (Lvbang) in China

Chinese market environment
Comparing different forms of entry modes
Best choice- Joint venture


International Business Entry Mode in China Dissertation
International Business Entry Mode in China Dissertation

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