Do Organisations With Successful CRM Software and Technologies Benefit From Better Financial Performance? (2010)

Customer relationship management helps any organization to best utilize the living resources available to the firm. This system has gained tremendous importance in the customer-centric environment, which has helped the companies to focus on strategic vision rather than hit and trial software. This dissertation consists of five chapters. Chapter one provides an introduction about the whole dissertation in brief. It involves the research context, and the rationale of the study. Then this chapter goes on to provide the reader with the research objectives and research questions. Chapter two provides a theoretical background of the study conducted.

At the first phase the concept of customer relationship management and its evolution is discussed. The concepts of its components are explained and its characteristics are explained. The chapter then goes on to discuss the implementation process of CRM. The other half of this chapter is devoted to explain the concepts of organizational performance and financial performance.

A relationship between CRM and financial performance is determined by analyzing previous researches. Chapter three will discuss and analyze the CRM model implemented in the Barclays bank. The response from the Barclays bank has been added to make the discussion more interesting. Chapter five will present the findings obtained from secondary and primary data sources. This includes the analysis of Barclays in financial services industry. Key patterns and trends regarding both the industry and firm are outlined.

Chapter four discusses the research design, research philosophy, and research strategy. Then this chapter further goes on to explain the data collection methods used for this research, the concept and types of case study research, issues relating data validity and reliability, ethics, and finally the measurement of both variables i.e. customer relationship management and financial performance. Chapter five presents the conclusion and recommendations. All possible implications of this research which may be useful for others in the same industry are discussed. In the end it provides the limitations of the study.

  • 15,000 words – 70 pages in length
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Research Context
Rationale of the Study
Research Objectives
Research Questions

Literature Review
Customer Relationship Management
Evolution of CRM
Relationship Marketing and CRM
CRM: A Paradigm in Marketing
Characteristics of CRM
CRM Components
Implementation of CRM Strategy
Effects of CRM on Profitability
Effects of CRM on Return and Investment (ROI)
Customer Retention and Profitability

Barclays Bank
Barclays at a Glance
Key subsidiaries
Year 2000 : Implementation of SAS
The challenge
The process and working
Information based customer management

Research Setting
Research Approach
Research Strategy
Data Collection and Analysis
Validity and Reliability
Measurement of CRM
Measurement of Financial Performance

UK Commercial Banking Industry Overview
Financial Performance
Questionnaire Results

Conclusion and Recommendations



Customer Relationship Management Dissertation
Customer Relationship Management Dissertation

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