An Investigation into the Real Estate Industry in China (2012)

Real Estate Industry (REI) is pivotal to China’s economic development which relates to people benefit, entrepreneur development and country safe. REI relates with many industries and develops into one of major industry. Development of China REI on the one hand lacks of funds and exists on the need for foreign capital; on the other hand, the existence of international hot money ensures adequate space for foreign capital to stay into.

With China’s accession to WTO, it gradually increases the degree of opening up in REI, its opportunities and challenges both exist. REI is considered as China’s last violent industry in many institutions’ and individuals’ eyes. Therefore, foreign investors have accelerated efforts to develop China REI. However, the inflow of foreign capital is a double-edged sword and has both positive and negative effects existing. To REI, many research in foreign investment has been done, the research of foreign investment in Real Estate has been rarely done.

REI has become more and more important in China, so it is necessary to make a research on this subject. All the paper is divided into five chapters. The first chapter introduces the background, content and ideas, purpose and significance of the research. Chapter Two is foreign investment real estate outlined covering foreign investment in China real estate situation, characteristics and forms. Chapter Three analyses the causes why foreign capital entering China REI from the macro and micro aspects. Chapter Four is that foreign investment impact on China real estate development from both positive and negative aspects is discussed. Finally, on the use of foreign investment situation, it suggests the development measures of China real estate.

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Background and significance of the topic
Background of topics
Significance of topics
The hypothesis and goals of the topic
Literature review
Theory on real estate industry
Domestic (China) and foreign research
Research ideas and methods
Research ideas
Research methods

The overview of foreign investment in China real estate industry
Status of foreign investment in China REI
Characteristics of foreign investment in China REI
Sources of investment is mainly on Chinese capital
Investment objectives expand in the low-end properties
Operation of foreign investment capital reveals advantages
The entry of foreign investment in China REM promotes the development of the relevant market
Access of foreign investors enhances the international level of Chinese enterprises
Forms of foreign investment in China REI
Direct investment in China REM
Using external debt and financing to enter the China REI
Individuals or foreign institutions investing in REI

The motivations of foreign investment in China real estate industry
The analysis from the macro-level
China’s sustained and steady economic growth
The demand and high investment rate of return in China REM
The orders of REM gradually regulate
Beijing 2008 Olympic Games has promoted China REI
The expected appreciation of RMB
The analysis from the micro-level
The requirements for allocation of foreign funds
Avoid exchange rate risk, capital maintenance and appreciation
Use different interest rates, lower investment costs
Access to the arbitrage from housing price rising

The impacts of foreign investment to China real estate industry development
The positive impacts
Update the investment philosophy
Improve the capital structure of enterprises
Enhance the operation and management level
Promote China REI to gear to the international conventions
Make up for shortage of funds
The negative effects
Affect living standards of ordinary people in China
Not conducive to market stability
The impact to financial system and the real estate enterprises
Enhance the market risk of REI
The weakening issue of the subject status
Squeeze the profit margins of local enterprises in China REM

The recommendations for China using foreign investment in real estate industry
The roles of China Government
Improve and perfect the existing laws and regulations
Strengthen monitoring of foreign investment entry into REI
Positively develop Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITS)
Industriously promote the securitization of REM
The measures taken inside real estate industry
The learning effect
The cooperative effect
The demonstration effect
The force effect
The improvement effect



Real Estate Industry in China Dissertation
Real Estate Industry in China Dissertation

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