The Influence of Emotion in Ethical Decision Making: Focus on the Cash And Carry Sector (2012)

Changing work force demographics and new organizational forms are increasing the diversity of work teams in general and decision making in particular. However, in the last twenty years or so, our understanding of emotions in the workplace has blossomed and it is time that we incorporate these recent advances.This research paper presents an empirically based case study on an organisation’s influence of emotions and also investigates the influence emotion in ethical decision making.

The organisation that has been examined for the purpose of this research is a chain of wholesale grocery stores situated in London. A questionnaire was developed and sent to workers, to analyse the influence of emotions in ethical decision making. Semi structured interviews were also conducted among thirty respondents to understand the organisation’s rationale for emotions and ethical decision making.

Finally, conclusions and recommendations have been presented in the end. This research intends to study an insight in to the emotions in ethical decision making at work, from organisational perspectives. This case study based research took place in London, UK. The rationale of this research is to in point, explore and to specially highlight the influence of emotions in arriving at ethical decision making device. The main criteria which influence and focus emotional factors and its effect on individual are to be established both in theory and practice which researcher consider the end results and aim of this chosen research.

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Organisation Chosen for the Research
Objectives of the Research

Literature Review
Emotions in Organisational Decision Process
Conceptual Frame Work
Ethical Sensitivity and the Identification of Dilemma
Prescriptive Reasoning and Prescriptive Judgement
Ethical Motivation and Intention to Resolve an Ethical Dilemma
Ethical Character and Ethical Behaviour

Methods of Data Collection
Questionnaire Design
Data Collection and Sampling
Research Choice / Design
Time Horizon
Validity and Reliability
Secondary Data
Cross Mapping Matrix
Contribution to the Current Body of Knowledge

Data Analysis and Findings
Research Population
Administered Questionnaires
Feedback on Questionnaires
Findings on Questionnaires
Semi Structured and Informal Interviews Findings
Response to Find Out Dimensions of Emotion
Response to Know Components of Ethical Decision
Response to Determine Implication of the Emotions in Ethical Decision Making

Conclusions & Recommendations
Summary of the Questionnaire Results
Limitations of the Study
Feasibility, Suitability and Acceptability of this Research


Appendix Section

Ethical Decision Making Dissertation
Ethical Decision Making Dissertation

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