A Study into Competitive Strategies Adopted by Companies to Mitigate the Effects of Recession (2012)

Competitive Strategies Adopted by Companies to Mitigate the Effects of Recession Dissertation – A recession is a disconcerting scenario for any business and must be endured until the economy stabilises. All the projections of sales fall in short and survival mode takes its place. But there are many stories about companies that flourish well during poor economic conditions.

Intel, Amazon, Southwest Airlines grew about thirty percent per year during the recession periods of 1980-1982, 1991, 2001 and 2008 while their competitors disappeared. It is based on how each day with its on conditions is handled; shape our lives in the long and short run. Similarly the success of large and small enterprises depends upon their response and preparation to economic conditions and ever changing business.

According to Allen (2000) Companies mastering business optimization during recession allows economic forecasts to guide the company. Companies have to –if they have not yet done- come to terms with the realities of new competitive situation. The recession nowadays will lead to the downfall of business models that are purely ineffective and accelerates the restructuring of the entire industry. When the global economy slides down into a recession many firms face new opportunities and challenges. As in the world today everything is interconnected it is really very difficult for companies to suspend their initiatives for innovation till the worst of the recession blows over.

Doing so is a real risk and will make the company lay behind the curve when the economy recovers. This might also result in losing market to competitors who generated new creative ways to continue with their initiatives for innovation even when the market was down. When confronted by recession all the firms slides to a crisis mode thinking that the company needs to be prevented from getting badly hurt or going under.

The quickly implemented policies would include shrinking unnecessary expenditures, reduce operating costs, cutting down manpower, preserve cash and eliminating frills. A careful and scrupulous comparative study was done on various competitive strategies that are adopted by the companies in retail sector to survive the tough impacts of recession. However, the implementations of these strategies differ from industry to industry and location to location. Moreover, these strategies are accepted globally by all the firms to gain a sustainable competitive edge over its competitors during the tough times. Companies that are adopting these strategies are found to exhibit enormous growth during the post recessionary period.

Dissertation Aims:

  • Compare and analyse the strategies adopted by companies in retail sector to survive recession.
  • Study and scrutinize carefully the competitive strategies and make recommendations.
  • Learn the success and failures made by business by adopting different strategies and draw conclusions from those case studies.
  • 12,000 words – 38 pages in length
  • Good use of literature
  • Good in depth analysis
  • Well written throughout
  • Ideal for business students

Dissertation Introduction
Executive Summary
Aims and Objectives
Competition in Recession

Economic Downturns
Present Economic Condition
Choice of Consumers
Consumption smoothing and product Substitution
Business Choices
Inventory and cost Management
Rising Costs in time of Raising Prices
Labour Costs and Employment

Literature Review Analysis and Discussion
An Everlasting Legacy-Common Competitive Strategies adopted by most of the Companies
We are there with you
Countless on discounts
Business Optimization Strategies
Review and Realign Operational and Marketing Strategy
Scanning the Market
Value Proposition
Operational Alignment
Strategies for Growth and Recovery during Recession
Behavioural Strategies
Social Strategies
Reproductive Strategies
Evolutionary Strategies
Strategy shift Analysis
Position for Recovery
Comparative Analysis of Various Competitive Strategies

Conclusions and Recommendations


Competitive Strategies Adopted by Companies to Mitigate the Effects of Recession Dissertation
Competitive Strategies Adopted by Companies to Mitigate the Effects of Recession Dissertation

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