A Study into the Key Business Environmental and Sustainability Strategies Adopted by Organisations (2012)

Environmental and Sustainability Strategies Dissertation – It has been three decades in making the environmental revolution and it has greatly changed the way how firms do the business. In the early 1960s and 1970s majority of the firms were denying their impacts on the environment. But, then a series of high ecological problems created the foundation to support for highly stringent government rules and regulations. In Japan people were dying of mercury poisoning, in Europe the Rhine was on fire and in the US Lake Eric was dying.

Nowadays, most of the firms have taken the responsibility so as to do no harm to the environment. The production process and products are becoming cleaner. In most of the well industrialized countries, more and more, new and new firms are going green as they found that they can lower the levels of pollution and increase their profits at the same time. There exist a great challenge behind greening and a vast amount of opportunity as well. The major challenge is to develop a sustainable global economy: An economy that supports the planet indefinitely.

According to Crews (2009) even though most of the developed nations are approaching an ecological recovery, the planet as a whole remains unsustainable. But sustainability does not involve controlling pollution only. Even if all the nations around the world achieve zero emission by 2020, the planet would remain still stressed. This is referred to as carrying capacity by biologists. In the early part of the twentieth century, depleted fisheries, farmland, forests, urban pollution, poverty, epidemics and migrations are spilling over the geographical boundaries. The simplest fact is while meeting our needs we are destroying the capability of the future generations to meet theirs.

Dissertation Aims:

  • To explore more about the sustainable strategies those are currently used by the firms.
  • To understand the key environmental strategies followed by firms to gain a competitive edge.
  • To focus more on worldwide sustainable strategies and give suitable recommendations to the firm in adopting a good strategy.
  • 12,000 words – 38 pages in length
  • Good use of literature
  • Good in depth analysis
  • Well written throughout
  • Ideal for business students

Dissertation Introduction
Executive Summary
Aims and Objectives

Importance of Business Environmental Policy
Corporate and Business Unit Strategy
Corporate costs and benefits
Societal costs and benefits

Literature Review, Analysis and Discussion
Focus areas for Sustainable Development
Corporate Governance
Communication and Learning
Organizational Integration
Sustainable Development Strategies
Reducing Demand of water
Supply of Water
Construction works
Water efficiency and Management
Ecology and Biodiversity
Retention of habitat
Land, Noise, Water and Air
Sustainable Drainage Systems
Risk of Flood
Internal Quality of Air
External Quality of air
Supporting the Community
Adaptation to Climatic Changes
Mobility and Transport
Business and employment
Training and employment
Well Being and Health
Healthy Communities
Environmental Strategies
Strategy 1: Eco-Efficiency
Strategy 2: Beyond Compliance Leadership
Strategy 3: Eco-Branding
Strategy 4: Environmental Cost Leadership
Strategic Choices

Conclusions and Recommendations


Environmental and Sustainability Strategies Dissertation
Environmental and Sustainability Strategies Dissertation

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