An Investigation into the Role of CSR in Today’s World and does it Provide any Competitive Advantage to the Organisation and Social Benefits to Society: Case of McDonalds (2012)

CSR Initiatives At McDonalds Dissertation – Corporate social responsibility has become highly important debate among scholars as well as business as not only it provides social benefits to communities but also competitive advantage to business and increase their profitability in the era of globalisation and intense competition among organisations in global marketplace.

McDonalds is among the most admired companies for CSR initiatives. According to the McDonalds’ management point of view, corporate social responsibility is about living the values every day. It is about actions, results and maintenance of open line communication with customers and stakeholders. McDonald’s is determined to consistently improve its social and environmental performance.

All organisations seek competitive advantage as it is the force which keeps the organisation above others and provide it the power to stay in the business for a long time. The competitive advantage includes recognition of brand and helps the organisation to become the first choice of customers. McDonalds is a good example of having a competitive advantage by adopting CSR behavior.

In the current study, written sources and questionnaire were used in order to answer the research questions. Questionnaires are in an expensive way to gathering data from the large number of respondents. The multiple choice questionnaire was used in the research and the respondents of the questionnaires were consumers of McDonald.

These two data collection methods are used in the study to understand the theory and to reach some trustworthy results. The research has found that the world famous food chain is enjoying competitive advantage for its CSR initiatives and it is also beneficial for the society. Results of the research show that people are more concerned about CSR activities of the company and they prefer to buy from it for its CSR activities that are beneficial for the society. It is found with the research that business is not a separate part from the rest of the parts of society.

The ways organisations behave affect a lot of people, not only the shareholders. Therefore, an organisation should be responsible for the operations it does in a society. Organisations and businesses are under more scrutiny than ever before. Besides being a profitable organisation, the responsibility of a business can be connected to fair treatment programs for employees, fundamental friendly methods for a sustainable environment and participation in the discussions regarding social ethical dilemmas.

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  • Good use of literature
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  • Well written throughout
  • Includes questionnaire
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Problem Discussion
Research Questions
Aims and Objectives

Literature Review
Corporate Social Responsibility and its Importance in Today’s World
Extent of Following CSR behaviour in various organisations
CSR is Helpful for Organisations in Global Market place
CSR and Competitive Advantages for the Organisations
Benefits of CSR for Organisations
CSR Impact on Shareholders’ Relation with their Organisation
CSR Benefits for Organisation to Build Relations with Society
CSR and Social Benefits for the Society
Social Benefits of CSR in Globalisation Era

Purpose of Research
Research Approach
Research Strategy
Sample Selection
Data Collection Method
Data Analysis

Data Analysis and Discussion
Introduction to McDonalds
Qualitative Data Analysis
Quantitative Data Analysis
Conclusion of the findings




CSR Initiatives At McDonalds Dissertation
CSR Initiatives At McDonalds Dissertation

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