What Role Does CRM Play In A Company’s Performance? (2012)

Relationship Management Dissertation – CRM and Company Performance – Competition of energy companies in the UK are forcing energy firms to be more customer-centric. In recent time focus of energy firms have shifted to customer satisfaction and there has been competition to be on the top for customer satisfaction in all areas of business. Before company can think to be productive and profitable it is imperative to innovative

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategies and reaches to a great extent, in achieving the desired results. Being customer focus and relationship management have become very important marketing and business tactics for many companies looking competitive advantage.Customer relationship management is basically a strategy and it is used to get more knowledge about customers’ needs and perception about their approach to a specific product or service in order to create stronger relationships.

The most useful way to think about CRM is as a strategic planning that will assist company for better understanding about their customers need and how company can meet those needs and improve bottom line at the same time. With the available wide range of internet based facility, companies have found it difficult to maintain relationships with customers since the e-commerce is widely in use across the globe. Computerization has revolutionized the entire way firms are approaching their CRM strategies because computers have also changed consumer buying behaviour.

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Overview of Company

Literature Review
CRM Defined
Importance of CRM
Benefits of CRM
Benefits of CRM in Energy Industry
CRM Construction
Pitfalls of CRM
Current CRM Use
Other Aspects of CRM
CRM and Relationship Management (RM)
Chapter Summary

Research Objectives
Difference between Qualitative and Quantitative
Analysis of Data
Questionnaire Design
Questionnaire Construction Method
Justification of the Questions
Question Types and Wording
Questionnaire Layout
Sample Selection Procedure
Strengths, Limitation and Validity

Analysis and Results

Conclusions and Recommendations
Conclusion of the Study
Limitations and Further Research



Relationship Management Dissertation -  CRM and Company Performance
Relationship Management Dissertation – CRM and Company Performance

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