The Emergence and Ascendancy of Indian Cuisine in the United Kingdom (2012)

The purpose of the research is to analyze and evaluate the popularity of Indian Cuisine in England with a discussion on how it started and how it has evolved during the recent times and derive relationship among Indian Restaurants in Birmingham and restaurants in India in the context of Authentic Indian cuisine. Both of the restaurants, Saffron in Oldbury and Pushkar in Birmingham city centre are chosen for checking the feasibility of the relationship.

There are four objectives for this research: to evaluate the concept and provide an overview of the word Indian cuisine, to evaluate and establish the relationship between these restaurants, to evaluate the network and link between these restaurants and Indian cuisine and the customer’s decision making while choosing them, and finally offer conclusions and recommendations. Various theories on Restaurants, brands and consumer behavior are discussed. Use of Statt’s (1997) model is also applied.

Various articles and video documentaries have highlighted these restaurants to explain their concept in terms of Food, Service and how near these products are when compared to the authentic Indian cuisine. This study also highlights the concept on what techniques have these restaurants have adopted in serving their customers and what all new innovations they have build in without just compromising on the actual Indian cuisine concept. This study also highlights on these restaurants whether they are still owing to the actual way of making Indian food or they have put in their own innovation as well.

To answers such questions, primary research has been conducted in the form of semi-structured interviews with hotel managers , owner’s, chefs and structured interviews with Restaurant guests and analyze their guest comment cards as well.

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1: Introduction
Background of the Companies studied
Saffron Restaurant
Pushkar Restaurant
Research Study Significance
Research Aim
Research Objectives
Description of the research study
Structure of the Research

2 – Literature Review
Brand value
Consumer Behavior
Stages of consumer decision making
Strategies used by hotel managers to gain competitive advantage
Plans to achieve competitive benefits in hotel business
Customer relationship management
Concept and implementation of CRM in Hotel Operations
CRM Strategy and Performance
Customer-related Performance Measures
Views on customer loyalty in hospitality
An integrated model for CRM implementation in hospitality
Knowledge Management (KM)
Relationship marketing (internal and external)
ICT administration

3 – Research Methodology
Quantitative Research method
Introduction to Primary Research
Introduction to Secondary Research
Interview Construction
Primary research for data collection
Interview Sampling
Interview Procedure
Questionnaire Design
Questionnaire Sampling
Limitations and Constraints
Questionnaire Procedure

4 – Findings and Analysis
Findings and Analysis
The future of Indian restaurants and cuisine in UK

5 – Conclusion and Recommendations


Appendix Section
Interview Questions

Indian Cuisine Dissertation
Indian Cuisine Dissertation

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