The Impact and Influence of Organisational Culture on Innovation Management (2012)

Innovation Management and Organisational Culture Dissertation – An organisation’s culture is the established system of doing things, it is a reference point that guides the relationships in an organisation and the decision making processes. This is either consciously or unconsciously. Culture affects all aspects of the organisation; it is like a web that joins new ideas or relationships with the old ones that represent the accepted thought paradigm.

This paradigm is a sieve that only lets through the culturally acceptable strategies in an organisation. Modern organisations struggle to create an organisational culture that supports the set goals and objectives of an organisation. It is from the organisational culture base that an organisation can pursue projects that increase its competitiveness in the market. Culture is dynamic. Organisations are involved in a program that ensures there is a suitable culture to cope with the changes in the industry of operation, human resource policy and the technological changes that always affect organisation. Top on the major organisational practices that require a suitable organisational culture is Innovation.

This is among the major competitive advantages that an organisation can have especially in this rapidly changing era. The market is not only interested by the quality or price of a company’s product but also on the improvements aimed at adding utility while satisfying the consumer wants. The survival of every organisation is greatly influenced by its innovation capacity. The dynamism in modern business environments requires organisations to set up structures that ensure continuous flow of new ideas in production marketing and human resources mobilization.

In innovation management, an organisations culture plays a major role. In the recent past China has emerged as a major economic power with multinationals that market their products in almost all parts of the world. The Chinese multinationals have become competitive in the world due to their innovative tendencies. The specific objectives of the dissertation include;

  • To establish the nature of Foxconn’s organisational culture and culture change processes
  • To identify the processes of innovation in Foxconn
  • To demonstrate the role of human resource policy to an organisational culture
  • To indentify the sustainability of Foxconn innovativeness in regard to changing organisational culture

  • 10,000 words – 50 pages in length
  • Good use of literature
  • Good in depth analysis
  • Well written throughout
  • Includes questionnaire
  • Ideal for business management students

1 – Introduction
Aim and Objectives
Research questions
Dissertation Structure

2 – Literature Review
The Role of Organisational Culture
Innovation Management
Foxconn Culture and Innovations

3 – Methodology
Research Perspective
Research Design
Qualitative Research
Reasons for Choosing Foxconn
Data Collection
Primary Data Collection Methods
Interview Questions Development
Secondary data
Ethical Issues Observed in the Study

4 – Findings
Organisational culture in Foxconn
Foxconn 3Cs Culture
Innovations in Foxconn

5 – Discussion
Oganisational culture
Foxconn’s Training Culture
Effects of Innovations on Foxconn’s Organisational Culture
The Human Resource Policy in Foxconn

Chapter 6 – Conclusion and Recommendations

Appendix Section


Innovation Management and Organisational Culture Dissertation
Innovation Management and Organisational Culture Dissertation

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