Talent Management at Syngenta versus Best Practice: How is Syngenta’s Talent Management Process Aligned with Global Best Practice? (2012)

Talent Management at Syngenta MBA Project – The topic under study has to do with the talent management at Syngenta versus the best practices. So to speak, the study has employed the use of books, journals, websites and in particular information from Syngenta. Findings: Following this point, the research under study identified various global best practices which take in the factors of recruiting and staffing, employee retention, training and development, succession planning and the use of IT solutions.

Furthermore, the study identified performance management as a tool of talent management in the sense that it contributes to the management of skills and knowledge within an organization. Categorically, global best practices provides some performance management tools such as performance management reviews, templates and the use of a 360° degree feedback. Following the identification of the various best practices, Syngenta’s 2012 talent management proposition was examined in the face of these practices.

As a result, Syngenta was found out as to be aligned to the global best practices in the sense that it has considered performance management through various ways such as mid and end of year reviews among others. As well, Syngenta 2012 plan considers ways through which to foster development through individual development, potential assessment and others as such.

Besides this point, Syngentas 2012 talent management plan considers the use IT systems to make talent management process easy, career potential development and the use of both potential assessment and leadership model. Conclusion: The increasing global competition for talent has made management crucial to organizations. Syngenta’s business success is an indicator for the success of the TM process. However, the planned global alignment faces challenges of cultural conflicts. Therefore Syngenta has to emphasize the internal values, to create a strong internal culture.

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1: Introduction
Aim of the Paper
Research Design
Limitations of the Study

2: Definition

3: TM in the 21st Century
Demographic Transition
A Knowledge Based Society
Higher Employees’ Turnover Rate
Lack of Top Talents

4: Best Practice in TM: What Does Good Look Like?
Talent TM Management Challenges
Recruitment and Staffing
Training and Development
Retention Management
Succession Planning
Performance Management
The Intercultural Aspect

5: Performance Management Tools
The Performance Management Template
How to Define Job Competencies and Responsibilities
How to Improve The Motivation of the Appraised Employee
What is a 360° Feedback?
How to Create A 360° Feedback

6: Information Technology Solutions

7: Hypothesis

8: Syngenta 2012 TM System
Short Presentation of Syngenta

9: TM At Syngenta In 2012

10: Performance Management
Objective Setting
Syngenta’s Leadership Competencies
Performance Reviews
Measuring the Behavior
Measurement of the Employee Performance
Syngenta’s Performance Management Template

11: Link to Compensation

12: Development Planning
Individual Development

13: Succession
Syngenta Succession Planning
Syngenta Potential Assessment Model

14: The IT System

15: Conclusion


Appendix Section

Talent Management at Syngenta MBA Project
Talent Management at Syngenta MBA Project

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