Can Job Satisfaction and Motivation Impact the Performance and Efficiency of an Organisation? A Case Study of Chams Plc Nigeria (2012)

Job Satisfaction and Motivation Dissertation – Extensively, job satisfaction and motivation are imperative to building and sustaining a committed workforce and is a determinant to organisational performance and efficiency. The empirical research of this study assessed the variables and correlation between employees’ job satisfaction and motivation on organisational performance and efficiency using Chams Plc as a case study for investigation.

A quantitative method was used as a means of administering questionnaires to collect primary data and analysed using a descriptive analysis, frequency table, bar chat and cross tabulation of variables, using Bivariate and Multivariate analysis. Two hypotheses were generated and tested using (Chisquare) to test the first hypotheses and (ANOVA) to test the second hypotheses.

The results of findings show that there is a relationship between job satisfaction and motivation and that motivation of employee’ leads to the overall performance and efficiency of an organisation. The growth in today’s business and the increasing integration of the global economy has brought about high competition in the global market environment. As a result, business organisations are confronted with a number of challenges, such as the need to match ever-growing global standards in regard to innovation, as well as general improvements in products and services.

This could be done by adopting strategic business procedures to gain competitive advantage, especially in relation to human resource management which can improve organisational performance and efficiency. The Aims and objectives of this dissertation are as follows:

  • To recommend strategies and operational models that can impact organisational performance of Chams Plc.
  • To determine the benefits to Chams Plc following an increase in staff job satisfaction
  • To assess different level of motivational factors of Chams Plc staff that will boost their job satisfaction, leading to the organisational performance
  • To determine the motivational implications to the organisational efficiency of Chams Plc
  • These objectives helped in providing answers to issues linked with the research question and sub questions critically evaluated and analysed using relevant theories
  • 12,000 words – 106 pages in length
  • Good use of literature
  • Good analysis of subject area
  • Well written throughout
  • Includes questionnaire
  • Ideal for international business and HRM students

1: Introduction
Purpose of the Study
Research Questions
Sub Questions
Aims and Objectives of Research
Relevance of Study
Significance of Study
Expected Outcome
Scope and Limitations of Study
The Dissertation Outline

2: Literature Review
What is Strategy?
Competitive Advantage Strategy (Inside-Out Perspective)
The Resource-Based Model
Competitive Strategies (Outside – In Perspective)
Non- Competitive Strategy
Strategy Choice
Operational Framework
Employees’ Job Satisfaction
Employees’ Motivation (Maslow’s content theory)
Motivating Forces
Herzberg two factors Content Theory
Motivator factor
Hygiene factor
Victor Vroom (Expectancy Theory)
Performance Model
The Relationship between Employees’ Job Satisfactions, Motivation Impact on Organisational Performance and Efficiency
Integrating and Sustaining Competitive Advantage with Human Resource Management Practice
HRM Best Practices and Motivation in the Nigerian Context

3: Methodology of Research
Philosophy of research
Research Design
Inductive Approach
Deductive Approach
Quantitative and Qualitative Data
Sample Size /Design
Data Collection (Primary and Secondary Data)
Researcher’s Philosophical/ methodological stance
Justification of the Philosophy of Research
Research Strategy
Questionnaire Techniques
Reliability and Validity
Ethical Issues

4: Case Study of Research
Nigeria as a Country
Key Sectors
An over View of Information and Communication Technology in Nigeria
Overview of Chams Plc.
Organisational Structure
Basic Structure of Chams Plc.

5: Data Analysis and Findings
Data Analysis Techniques
Descriptive Analysis
Hypothesis Testing
Conclusion and Solutions

6: Findings, Conclusion and Recommendations
Organisational Performance
Research Question and Objectives Achieved


Appendix Section

Job Satisfaction and Motivation Dissertation
Job Satisfaction and Motivation Dissertation

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