An Empirical Investigation into the Impact of Leadership on Organisational Performance: Case Study of Dangote Group (2013)

Leadership on Organisational Performance – This dissertation seeks to determine the state of leadership in a leading Nigerian Organisation, Dangote and the effectiveness of the same on Organisational performance outcomes. The research is essentially a phenomenological, subjective and qualitative research that is also interpretivist and an inductive approach to studying existing reality and adding to the knowledge on the same. The study uses structured interviews and random sampling technique to assemble data relating to the employee and managerial perceptions on leadership effectiveness in the Organisation.

The sample population subjected to the study is small, only six in number of which three are managers and three are subordinate employees; however, all of them are employed with Dangote at its headquarters in Lagos, and they do have the ring-side view and perceptions on the leadership and its effectiveness. The subjective approach enables the researcher to merge with the research setting and lends a human touch, unlike what would have been provided by a quantitative research. However, the research establishes an indirect relationship between leadership effectiveness, employee perceptions on the same and the Organisational impact; it does not seek to measure such impact nor establish a direct link between the variables. The research is exploratory and holds significance for further research, either qualitative or quantitative and it serves to prove existing leadership theories and leadership behaviour and their effects on Organisational factors and outcomes.

The answers to the questions are in two sets and their analysis reveals that leadership at Dangote is effective and driving the Organisation in the right direction. However, further research that specifically measures the outcomes would be needed and this approach is suited given the short time and resources available to the researcher. Dissertation objectives;

  • To understand the different styles of approaches to leadership
  • To investigate the influence of leadership on organisational performance
  • To evaluate how effective leadership can be used as a strategy to offer new direction to an organisation
  • To explore the best approach to leadership in changing organisational circumstances
  • 17,000 words – 64 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Good analysis of subject area
  • Well written throughout
  • Ideal for MBA and business students

1: Introduction
Research Background
The Organisational Context
Research Aim and Objectives
Significance of the Research Study

2: Research Context
Research Context
Research Setting
Historical Detail
Stakeholder perspectives
Research Subjects

3: Literature Review
Definition of Leadership
The Organisational context
The Nature and Types of Leadership
People’s understanding
Inspiring followers
Leader’s style and work atmosphere
Types of leadership and leaders based on approach to leadership
Trait or personality approach
Behavioural approach
Situational approach
Contingency approach
Leadership Styles
Leadership Theories
Transactional and Transformational Leadership
Charismatic Leadership
Situational Leadership
Team Leadership
Leadership versus Management
Effective Leadership
Impact of Leadership on Performance

4: Research Method
Research Design
Research Philosophy
Justification for the Chosen Philosophy: Interpretivism
Research Approach
Research Strategy
Research Methods
Sampling Strategy
Ethical Considerations

5: Findings
The findings in the light of surveyed literature

6: Analysis and discussion

7: Conclusion
Benefits and limitations of the research



Leadership on Organisational Performance Dissertation
Leadership on Organisational Performance Dissertation

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