What Are the Potential Cultural Issues Faced By Companies Operating Across Different National Boundaries (2013)

Cultural Issues – MBA Dissertation – In dealing with international markets, businesses step into cultural environments which are characterized by different value systems, underlying assumptions and varying behaviors among people who have different lifestyles. All these factors play a major role in altering the path of simple communication and make it very complicated. People who have come together to perform common goals may speak the same language, but have varied viewpoints and decision making capabilities depending on the culture they belong to.

Every individual belonging to a certain culture has its own views and ethics which are sometimes in war with other culture. This study will mainly highlight the complications faced by Indian and Japanese managers while communicating and performing business related tasks in a mixed environment accompanied by people belonging to different countries. This study points out cultural issues and differences amongst the members of the organizations that create obstacles in job performance and productivity.

The cultural gaps would be thoroughly discussed mainly based on Geert Hofstede’s cultural dimensions and Abraham Maslow’s Need Hierarchy Model and Lewis Model on cross cultures. The research is done on basis of both primary and secondary research. The literature review forms a part of secondary research, whereas the questionnaires and interviews constitute primary research. The primary research consists of questionnaires and interviews from managers handling cross cultural teams, and from employees who themselves are either directly or indirectly involved in cross cultural communication. Forty questionnaires were completed by Indian employees and sent back via email.

Apart from that, two interviews were conducted from top level employees and HR head of multinational companies in India and Japan discussing problems they face in cross cultural communication. Following are the aims of this study;

  • To thoroughly examine the underlying effects of culture differences and the problems that may arise based on varying cultural attitudes.
  • To study the problems faced by Indian and Japanese managers working in multinational and transnational firms along with employees from other part of the world.
  • To critically evaluate the factors affecting the mutual communication among managers from India/Japan and rest of the world and to surmount these problems.
  • To determine the behavioural differences among individuals belonging to different cultures and evaluate how it can create problems for businesses.
  • To deduce a conclusion regarding cultural differences and to suggest effective solutions in order overcome cultural barriers among employees, nurturing a truly global workspace.

  • 12,000 words – 64 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Good analysis of subject area
  • Well written throughout
  • Includes questionnaire
  • Ideal for MBA and international business students

1: Introduction
Background of the study
Significance of the Study
Statement of Problem
Aims and Objectives
Research Question
Scope and Limitations

2: Literature Review
Greet Hofstede’s Cultural Dimension Theory
Power Distance (PDI)
Individualism (IDV)
Masculinity (MAS)
Uncertainty /Avoidance (UAI)
Long Term Orientation (LTO)
Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
Physiological needs
Safety needs
Love and Belongingness
Esteem Needs
Cross Culture- The Lewis Model
Linear Active

3: Research Methodology
Research Methods
Qualitative Methods
Quantitative Methods
Deductive Reasoning
Inductive Reasoning
Primary Research
Secondary Research

4: Findings and Results

5: Analysis
Ethnocentric Orientation and Prejudice
Communication Barriers
Lack of Time Urgency
Inability to meet Deadlines
Lack of Efficient Decision Making Skills
Slow Decision Making
Inefficient communication between the Employer and the Employee
Misunderstanding due to difference in Etiquette and Customs
Honor Issues
Settling for Less than Perfect Situation

6: Conclusion and Recommendations
Scope and Limitations


Appendix Section

Cultural Issues - MBA Dissertation
Cultural Issues – MBA Dissertation

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