What Are The Key Leadership Qualities Needed in Management? (2013)

The purpose of this MBA dissertation is to evaluate the importance of leadership qualities for line managers in call centers and it is a known fact that call center industry is an intense customer focused industry and organisations operating in this industry needs to focus on customer services which is very crucial for their survival. Each call made or received by a call center agent can directly impact the business of the organisation; therefore, successful call center companies are very proactive while establishing the teams which will be in direct contact with the customers.

It also increases the demand of effective managers which can lead the teams and ensure the desired level of productivity. The call center companies normally work in different shifts and a line manager is usually responsible for his or her shift. Every shift has specific targets which need to be achieved and the performance of the entire shift is evaluated on the basis of the targets they have achieved in that particular shift. The role of the shift manager is considered as very important in the call center operations because the shift manager is the one who is monitoring the performance of his/her subordinates on continuous basis during the shift and providing necessary assistance to the employees essential for performance improvement.

The leadership qualities are very important for the line manager in a call center operations because the success of the business operations is heavily relying on the leadership skills of the line manager. The line manager has to practise leadership skills in order to motivate the staff because the staff members which are working in the particular shift in the call center needs to be motivated and satisfied at the workplace because they are in direct contact with the organisational target market and any variation in the performance of the team members can change the perceptions of the clients about the company. The aim of this dissertation is to understand the characteristics of the leadership qualities in line-manager and its importance. The research objectives of the study are;

  • To analyze how leadership qualities help to get the desired organisation’s objectives
  • To ascertain whether managers can develop leadership skills
  • To evaluate the implications of effective leadership on team performance
  • 15,000 words – 54 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Good analysis of subject area
  • Good use of management models and theory
  • Well written throughout
  • Ideal for MBA and business management students

1: Introduction
Study Background
Company Background
Research Objectives
Research Questions
Importance Of Leadership Qualities For Line Managers

2: Literature Review
Top Qualities of Leaders
Approaches To Leadership
The Trait Approach To Leadership
Leaders and Non Leaders
Effective and Ineffective Leaders
Criticism and Trait Approach
Behavioural Approach to Leadership
The Michigan Studies
The Ohio State Studies
Leadership Grid
Contingency Theories of Leadership
The Fielder Model (1967)
Hersey and Blanchard’s Situational Leadership Theory (1969)
Path-Goal Theory (1974)
Traditional Leadership
Theory X Attitudes
Theory Y Attitudes
X and Y Labels
Derived X Theory
Future of Leadership Theory
Transformational/Charismatic Leadership (1995)
Bass’s Theory of Transformational Leadership (1998)
House’s theory of charismatic leadership
Leadership Styles
Autocratic or Authorization Style Leader
Laissez-faire or Free-rein Style Leader
Democratic or participative style leader
Relational Leadership Theory: Exploring the social processes of leadership and organizing
The entity (individual reality) perspective
Relational Leadership Theory
Exploring relational dynamics
Relationships as an outcome

3: Research Methodology
Research design
Quantitative and Qualitative Research
Research Methodology
Research Methods
Validity and Reliability
Research Ethics
Sources of Data
Limitations of the Study

4: Findings and Results
Analysis of Interviews
Research Findings and Their Implications

5: Research Conclusions
Final Conclusion


Appendix Section

Leadership Qualities and Traits MBA Dissertation
Leadership Qualities and Traits MBA Dissertation

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