An Analysis into How Correctly Implemented Systems and Procedures Reduce the Risk Associated with New Product Development. A Study of Findus UK (2013)

This final year dissertation focuses on identifying the role of organisational systems and procedures in minimizing the risk associated with the new product development. In the present business world, the organisations are required to continuously work on the development of effective systems and processes which is essential in order to avoid the risk of failures.

The product development failure results in serious financial losses for the firms which are at times difficult for the management to absorb. Therefore, the factors which can help to reduce the risk of failures of the newly developed products are of great importance for the firm. The systems and procedures used by the firm can have a broad impact on the product development process and it can also help to improve the financial related outcomes of the firm. However, it is essential that only those systems and procedures should be deployed for product development which can support the organisational goals and objectives. In order to conduct this research, the investigator has used both primary and secondary data sources.

The researcher has used interview and questionnaire survey method in order to collect primary data for research purpose. The interview was conducted with the manager of Findus and researcher has arranged a questionnaire survey with the employees of the organisation. The research outcomes show that effective systems and processes used by the organisation are very helpful in order to minimize the risks of product failures. The organisations which are employing efficient systems and techniques during the product development process can easily ensure the market success of the newly developed products.

However, the systems and procedures of the organisations need to be developed considering the market needs and customer preferences. The research findings shows that product failures negatively impact the bottom line of the organisation, therefore, the organisations need to take care of all those factors which can affect the new product development process of the organisation. Dissertation objectives;

  • To evaluate a general overview of the risks associated to the development of new products
  • To identify the methods that entities can adopt to reduce the risk of failure in producing new products
  • To evaluate the impact of product failures on the organisational profitability
  • To evaluate the role of management in developing new products whilst minimizing risks of failure
  • 15,000 words – 62 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Good analysis of subject area
  • Well written throughout
  • Ideal for business students

1: Introduction
Study Background
Company Background
Research Aims and Objectives
Research Questions
Statement of Problem
Summary and Conclusion

2: Literature Review
Risk of Failure in New Product Development
Involving Customers in Product Development Process
Reasons for Product Failures
Role of Systems and Procedures in New Product Development
Research Activities and Risk of Failure
Summary and Conclusion

3: Research Methodology
Research Philosophies
Research Approach
Data Collection Methods
Questionnaire Survey
Research Limitations
Ethical Issues
Summary and Conclusion

4: Research Findings and Analysis
Analysis of Survey
Analysis of Interview
Summary and Conclusion

5: Final Conclusion
Managerial Implications


Appendix Section

New Product Development Dissertation
New Product Development Dissertation

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