An Assessment into the Effects of Communication on Total Quality Management (TQM) (2013)

This MBA dissertation is designed to study the effects of communication on Total Quality Management in UK based telecommunication company. It is concerned with the TQM and its implementation and during the study different concepts come in front of us but the aim is to develop a communication between workers, leaders and customers to enhance the quality and quantity of organization.

In this dissertation, a detailed discussion is made on organized and planned organizational management. Both qualitative and quantitative communication is done to get high achievements which have changed the old concepts related to organizational culture. This research also reflects TQM activities based on leadership like customer and workers take interest if they get better opportunities and management also asked about the feedback and demands of customers.

Alongside, the significance of communication on TQM is examined by employing tool of questionnaire and the collected data was analyzed by employing simple percentage analysis criterion. The study will investigate the different factors related to communication and their effects on TQM. Communication would be represented by five factors. The attempt would be made through following research questions;

  • What is the outcome of the communication assessment content on total quality management
  • What is the effect of the communication performance on total quality management
  • What is the effect of the communication frequency on total quality management
  • What is the effect of the communication commitment on total quality management
  • What is the effect of the communication quality on total quality management
  • 15,000 words – 78 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Good analysis of subject area
  • Well written throughout
  • Ideal for business students

1 – Introduction
Research Title
Study Aims
Study Objectives
Problem Statement
Review from Non-academic Literature
Rationale of the Research
Research Questions
UK Telecommunication Company
Limitations and Assumptions

2 – Literature Review
Quality Management (TQM)
Application of TQM in organizations
Elements of TQM
People management
Customer Focus
Strategic Planning
Information and analysis
Process Management
The economic value of TQM
Time Compression Diseconomies
Historical Background
Loyal Resource
Casual Ambiguity
Social Complexity
Adoption Factors of TQM
Significant Success Elements of TQM
Communication and TQM
Communication for Team Building
Employee Involvement and Empowerment
Supplier Relationship
Supportive Organizational Culture
Conflict Management
Medium of communication

3 – Research Methodology
Research Design
Research Questions
Population and Sample
Sample Selection
Survey Methodology
Data Collection
Data Analysis
Research Hypotheses
Questionnaire Designing
Questionnaire Structure
Limits of Questionnaire
Ethical Measures
Reliability and Validity

4 – Results, Analysis and Discussion
Data Analysis
Analysis Plan
Analysis of Questionnaire
Analysis of Hypotheses
Synopsis of Analysis
Research Limitations
Critical Discussion

5 – Conclusion & Recommendations
Future Research


Appendix Section

Total Quality Management And Communication Dissertation
TQM And Communication Dissertation

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