Offshore Outsourcing in a Global Economy: Forewarning and Forearming Through Job Market Analysis (2013)

Offshore Outsourcing Industry Dissertation – This dissertation reviews and then analyses the perceived impact of offshore outsourcing which posits negative effects on the UK’s economy, examines the differing ways in which researchers, analysts, and various governmental reports discuss, explain, and understand offshore outsourcing. In effect, we will critically look at the direct and indirect accumulated evidence on the importance of offshore outsourcing in accounting for the weak labour market in the past decade in the U.S. in order to better manage the UK’s relatively young offshore outsourcing industry and by providing a better labour equilibrium after applying contract theories.

Despite significant gaps in the reviewed data, we can surmise from relevant empirical literature that it is more than unlikely that offshore outsourcing is directly accountable or is the main factor for the significant part of the job losses within the U.S. labour market in the recent global economic downturn as evidenced by thorough analysis of U.S. data or has significantly contributed at all to the sluggish rebound of its labour market.

Collected and accumulated empirical data, while admittedly tentative, actually posits the evaluation that the increase in employment for the overseas business units or affiliates of U.S. parent corporations is in fact associated with more employment in the U.S. parent rather than less. Growth in offshore outsourcing is positive in both parent country corporations and their foreign country suppliers. This review then is of genuine importance to policy and strategy makers and involved parties within the U.K. offshore outsourcing industry towards awareness and better management.

Through a comparison analysis of these reports through linear graphing, we will be able to ascertain the type of impact, whether negative or positive, that offshore outsourcing has had on the U.S. labour market’s state within the past decade, specifically looking at the statistics and ranges from 2001 to 2004 in relation to previous years, as this period has been determined to be a period wherein data and reports are clearest and show definite trending in regards to the U.S. labour markets direction, fluctuations, and results. The data is then analysed in terms of missing factors that may have proved invaluable and relevant scenarios are posited towards creating effective policy and strategy for the U.K. offshore outsourcing industry.

  • 12,000 words – 42 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Good analysis of subject area
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  • Ideal for business management students

1 – Introduction
Offshore Outsourcing
Analysing Labour Market and Empirical Literature Data towards Insight
Surveying the Literature on Offshore Outsourcing

2 – Background
Offshore Outsourcing’s Unknown Effects on the Global Economy
Private Sector Estimates: The Scale of Offshore Outsourcing

3 – Literature Review
Labour Market Conditions and Equilibrium in Offshore Outsourcing
Labour Market Risks and Implicit Contracts
Various Labour Market Contracts

4 – Methodology
Descriptive Analysis of Gathered Data; Offshore Outsourcing Insights

5 – Research Results and Analysis
Reviewing the Data
Offshore Outsourcing Costs
Published Offshore Outsourcing Data and Reports
Bureau of Labour Statistics Data on Mass Layoffs
Analysis of U.S. Bureau of Economic Activity Data
Interpreting Labour Market Data on Trade Flows
How Much Offshore Outsourcing Is In Store? Is The U.K. Vulnerable?
Offshore Outsourcing Impact on U.S. and U.K. Incomes
Conditions for Offshore Outsourcing and Creating Relevant Models

6 – Discussion and Recommendations
What is to be done about Offshore Outsourcing?

7 – Conclusions



Offshore Outsourcing Industry Dissertation
Offshore Outsourcing Industry Dissertation

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