The Importance of Intellectual, Emotional and Managerial Qualities in Project Managers (2013)

Managerial Qualities in Project Managers Dissertation – Leadership is one of the vital functions of management which aids to accomplish organizational aims and objectives by maximizing the efficiency. A leader plays a significant role in concern’s working and encourages employees with both non-economic and economic compensation. A leader not just supervises but rather carries a considerable mentoring role for subordinates by instructing them the way they are meant to perform. Project manager plays a role of primary leader who is responsible to manage project goals related to scope, cost, time and other operations effectively.

The chosen research topic focuses on this research area by exploring the various dimensions of leadership skills as today leadership skills are the most vital area of expertise to be possessed especially by every project managers. The success and failure of a project is mainly based on the various strategies adopted by project managers. The study revolves around this area by evaluating the research field significance. The objective of this project is to analyse the effect of different leadership styles on project management success in engineering/construction, IT projects from previous research by professions, and provide recommendations to improve it further.

A pilot study has been used to identify the effective leadership styles. Based on these factors, a structured questionnaire has been constructed by previous researchers. The questionnaire had been distributed to engineering organization to obtain data across United Kingdom, United States of America, Australia and other global organizations. The target population are the Project professional mainly project managers, site managers, and contract managers in this industry.

This dissertation is relevant to project oriented organization and provides recommendations which are applicable to project orientated organization are other private sector organizations. Project organizations compete among themselves for competition. Being a niche market experience professionals are few. Organizations provide necessary training to help project managers implement different leadership styles along with tools and techniques to complete the project. Certified project professional are being engaged to increase the value creation for client, while reducing the failure rate, thus adding profit margin and increasing the reputation of the organization. And IQ/EQ qualities become more and more important.

The aim of the dissertation is to find out the effects of leadership on projects and what different strategies should be adopted by project managers which can play a vital role in the success of the project. The study examines the significance of IQ/EQ qualities in the process of becoming an efficient project manager. The study evaluates the role of intellectual and emotional qualities within a project manager in effectively managing a project. Objectives of the research in order achieve the aim of the project are as follows;

  • To analyse the role of leadership in the success of project management
  • To assess the skills required by an efficient project manager
  • To analyse previous research by professions investigating leadership qualities from UK and Western countries’ project managers as an example
  • To analyse various relevant and topical issues emerging in the project management practices concerned with challenges of leadership
  • To identify how IQ, EQ, MQ influence leadership qualities under the data collected by previous researchers
  • Draw conclusions and make clear recommendations
  • 12,000 words – 44 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Good analysis of subject area
  • Well written throughout
  • Ideal for business management students

1 – Introduction
Authentic leadership
Stakeholder’s view of project leadership
Research Aim
Research Questions
Research Objectives
Research Limitation

2 – Literature Review
Leadership Theory
Trait Approach
Behavioural Approach
Situational Approaches to Leadership
Changing nature of project
Project Leadership
Leadership Behaviours and Project Management
Leadership styles
Current leadership styles
Transformational leadership
Authentic leadership
Leadership style as a measure of effective project management

3 – Research Methodology
Research Technique
Secondary Research
Why Secondary Research Technique?
Secondary-source Research
Sample Size
Prime Data
Research Limitation
Ethical Consideration

4 – Findings and Discussion
Implementation field of Research
Research Significance and Complexity
Participants profiles
Leadership Competency Profile Comparison and Validation

5 – Conclusion
Implications of Practice
Leadership Dilemma
Theoretical Significance
Study Limitation


Appendix Section

Managerial Qualities in Project Managers Dissertation
Managerial Qualities in Project Managers Dissertation

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