The Adoption of E-Procurement and Its Competitive Advantage – A Case Study of Gemdale Corporation, China (2013)

Rather than generalising the benefits of adopting E-procurement, this study through a case study analysis of Gemdale Corporation China shows how organisations can benefit from improved operational performance following the adoption of E-procurement. Although previous studies mainly focuses on the how the financial performance of a firm can be improved through E-procurement, the current study extends the research by examining how strategic aspects of an organisation such as customer satisfaction, employee job satisfaction, process efficiency, and technological and innovative capacity can be improved thus achieving competitive advantage over market rivals.

The study thus provides a well balanced approach to the study of the impact of E-procurement. By highlighting the challenges that firms face in the implementation of E-procurement processes, the study could also be of great significance to procurement managers and organisations seeking to reap the benefits of E-procurement from all the relevant dimensions. The study is also essential in that it provides valuable information on how firms are able to overcome E-procurement problems not only at the readiness stage, but also in the implementation stage.

As a result, other organisations can use the findings of the study as part of their organisational learning process to avoid common pitfalls associated with the E-procurement process. The study also serves as an impetus for further studies on important issues in E-procurement such as the impact of firm specific characteristics on E-procurement practices. It also provides a basis on which future thought and analysis on how organisational support can lead to more effective results from the adoption of E-procurement. The aim of this dissertation is to examine the impact that the adoption of E-procurement process by Gemdale Corporation China has on its ability to achieve competitive advantage. This aim is broken down into the following objectives;

  • To find out the motives behind the adoption of E-procurement and its benefits to the Gemdale Corporation
  • To examine the impact of E-procurement adoption on the operational performance in Gemdale Corporation
  • To examine the impact of E-procurement adoption on the strategic aspects in Gemdale Corporation
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1 – Introduction
Study Background
Problem Statement
Significance of the Study
Research Aims and Objectives
Structure of the Dissertation

2 – Review of Literature
Historical Background – The Procurement Function
Drivers and Benefits and Barriers Associated With the Adoption of E-Procurement
Drivers and Benefits of Adopting E-Procurement
Reduction of Procurement Costs
Reduction of Time in Sourcing of Materials
Improved Communication
Improved Market Intelligence and Enhanced Decision Making
Centralisation and Decentralisation
Organisational Factors
Employee Satisfaction
Barriers/Challenges in the Adoption of E-Procurement
Managerial Support
Implementation Risks
Perceptions on Innovation and Competitive Advantage
Impact of E-Procurement on Operational Performance
Better Performance through Increased Supply Chain Visibility
Purchase Spending Under Management
E-Procurement and Internal Integration
Process Simplification and Acceleration
Impact of E-Procurement on Strategic Aspects of a Firm
Strategic Demand Management
Strategic Supplier Relationship Management
Using E-Procurement for Future Performance Measurement
Customer Service Strategy

3 – Research Methodologies
Research Philosophy
Research Approach
Research Strategy
Instrument Choice
Data Collection
Data Analysis
Reliability and Validity
Research Ethics

4 – Findings and Analysis
Interviewee Profile
Drivers and Challenges of E-Procurement Adoption in Gemdale
Financial Performance
Improved Communication through E-Procurement Technology
Organisational Factors and Relevance to Competitiveness
Controlled Spending – Negotiation and Auctions
Challenges in Implementation
Cyber Threats
Senior Management Support
Employee Acceptance
E-Catalogues and Associated Problems
Impact of e-procurement adoption on Operational performance
Effect on Search Costs
Effect on Order Processing Errors
Effect on Number of Suppliers
Effect on Customer Satisfaction
Impact on Employee Workload and Performance
Impact of e-procurement on strategic aspects of the firm
Gemdale’s Competitive Position
Impact on Communication Strategy within Supply Network
Cost Strategy
Effect on the Gemdale Brand
Response to Unforeseen Demand
Harmonisation of Activities with Suppliers

5 – Discussions and Conclusions
Drivers and Benefits of E-Procurement
Impact of E-Procurement on Operational Performance
Impact on Strategic Aspects of the Firm
Limitations and Directions for Future Research


Appendix Section

E-Procurement Adoption And Competitive Advantage Dissertation
E-Procurement Adoption And Competitive Advantage Dissertation

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