Can Organisational Performance Be Enhanced By Effective People Management Practice? (2013)

Effective People Management MBA Dissertation – In today’s business environment, it seems self-evident that people management has a critical impact on business success. A business’s entire operations are built on the people doing them, and their abilities and enthusiasm have everything to do with the success of these operations. From the production floor to the executive offices, the performance of individual employees impacts the company’s overall performance.

However, employees cannot be expected to perform to the highest standard without competent management. Problems such as low employee morale, high turnover rates, and poor performance of job duties can result from inadequate people management. People management, which encompasses both formal performance evaluation and compensation strategies and informal leadership practices and techniques, is one of the determining factors in employee morale and the resulting work quality, as well as determining other factors such as workplace loyalty. However, people management practices in isolation are not enough to ensure the success of the firm or even of the management practice – the ideals that are embodied by the people management practice must be embedded in the corporate culture in order for them to be successful.

This study is intended to explore the components of people management and corporate culture acceptance of these methods and their effects on business success, both direct and indirect. The research questions explored in this dissertation essentially deal with different aspects of people management including, markers of success, support needed from corporate culture, and how people and performance management contribute to the success of a firm.

This study provides a practical reference for firms that want to improve their performance by increasing the effectiveness of their people management practices. People management is an area that most companies acknowledge is an important part of their success, but many companies do not understand ways of improving their people management practices. This will also provide guidelines for the individual manager who wishes to improve his or her own performance.

  • 15,000 words – 44 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Good analysis of subject area
  • Well written throughout
  • Includes survey questions
  • Ideal for MBA and management students

1: Introduction
Research Questions
Importance of the Study
People Management Defined

2: Literature Review
The Forces Driving the Changes in Leadership
Leadership versus Management
Leadership Theories and Performance Management
Performance Management
Definition of Performance Appraisal Management
Purposes of Performance Appraisal Management Systems
The Challenges of Performance Management Systems
Performance Management Systems of the Future
Transformational Management
Organizational Culture and People Management
Levels of a Culture
A Learning Organization Culture
Employee Competence, Evaluation and Compensation

3: Research Methodology
Survey and Questionnaire Design
Information Obtained From Questionnaires
Behavioural Information
Wording and Other Problems
Unfamiliar Words
Complicated Wording
Double-Barrelled Questions
Leading Questions
Data Description

4: Results and Discussion
Variable Measurements
Sincere and Positive Approach
Valuing and Appreciating Quality Performance
Mutual Respect
Employee Development
Equipment and Resources

5: Conclusion


Effective People Management MBA Dissertation
Effective People Management MBA Dissertation

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