Current and Future Business Challenges Faced By Proctor and Gamble When Operating in the ASEAN Region (2012)

This dissertation mainly aims at identifying the current and future business challenges confronting Procter & Gamble Company in Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) region. This dissertation is entirely based on secondary data resources. In addition most of analysed data were derived from renowned and reliable secondary data resources providers, for example Business Source Complete and Global Market Information Database.

Since the terminology (challenges) was not relatively specific in terms of meaning, the critical literature review illustrated explicitly that the challenges in this dissertation is strongly concerned with building/sustaining competitive advantages. In order to construct rational/reliable answers/conclusions of this dissertation question, many renowned theoretical frameworks, particularly Michael Porter’s frameworks: Value chain analysis and Porter’s Diamond, the concepts of competences and capabilities, have been applied to the forgoing data.

Subsequent to thorough analyses, the current challenges of Procter & Gamble in ASEAN is related to the effectiveness of transferring its core competence to developing market (ASEAN) and the complexity of external partners relationship management. Nonetheless the company seems to recognise the latter problems rather than the first one. Concerning the future challenges, the company is likely going to deal with the rapidly changing and various trends of local customers’ demand in ASEAN as well as the current economic recession, which is going to decrease ASEAN consumers’ purchasing power. Finally, to evaluate whether P&G current strategic capabilities could deal with the future challenges, the answer is that P&G currently possesses the endowment to compete effectively in ASEAN market in the future.

The objectives of this dissertation are;

  • To identify the current business challenges confronting P&G in ASEAN region
  • To evaluate critically to what extent P&G have been recognising and/or tackling with the emerging business challenges in ASEAN region
  • To anticipate the future business challenges as well as opportunities in the region
  • To evaluate critically whether P&G possesses what it takes to deal with the future challenges
  • 17,000 words – 68 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Good analysis of subject area
  • Well written throughout
  • Ideal for international business students

1 – Introduction
Dissertation Background
Dissertation Question
Dissertation Objectives
Dissertation Outline

2 – Literature Review
Approaches to Evaluate Competitive Advantages
Resource Based Approach
Definition of Strategic Capabilities
How to Analyse Strategic Capabilities
Value Chain Analysis
Strategy Clock Competitive Strategy
Driven Approach
Porter’s Five Forces
Five Principles of Building and Sustaining Competitive Advantages
Porter’s Diamond and CAGE Framework
Cultural Distinction between ASEAN and the United States

3 – Methodology
Research Approach and Philosophy
Advantages and Disadvantages of Secondary Resources
Quality Criteria of Secondary Resources
Triangulation (Multiple Approaches)

4 – Finding Analysis
Organisational Structure
Value Chain Analysis of P&G’s operations relating to ASEAN
P&G’s Value Network in ASEAN
P&G Strategic Capabilities leading to Competitive Advantages
Scope of Outside-in Approach: Porter’s Diamond
Porter’s Diamond: Singapore
Current and Future Challenges Confronting P&G in ASEAN
Current challenges in relation to building/sustaining competitive advantages
Future challenges in relation to building/sustaining competitive advantages

5 – Conclusions and Recommendations



Business Challenges P&G Dissertation
Business Challenges P&G Dissertation

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