How Technological and Environmental Changes Affect Taiwanese Headphones Companies and Their Globalization Strategies (2014)

Technological and Environmental Changes Dissertation – Exponential growth in revenues and market share, exchange of knowledge, cost effectiveness and enhanced competitiveness in global markets are the most important factors that drive organizations towards globalization. Organizations can go beyond the regional boundaries to exploit the international markets to provide products and services to untapped customer bases or to utilize the cost of economies by outsourcing some operational activities to countries beyond the domestic boundaries.

In fact, globalization has emerged from being a luxury that large organizations with huge investment appetite could wish to undertake to a necessity for survival of all organizations irrespective of size. Many academics emphasize that globalization gives immense opportunities to organizations to grow and transform and not only become bigger but more competent and proficient. According to the research in 2013, the global wireless audio devices market which includes wireless speakers, headphones, microphones and sound bars is expected to touch $13.75 billion in market revenue by 2018. In 2012-13, wireless headphones had the highest share in market revenue in the industry.

Sony, JVC, Phillips, Sennheiser and Skullcandy capture the 45% of the global headphones markets in terms of units and value while Beats by Dr. Dre has a market share of 23%. With technological innovations in audio technologies and consumers willing to spend more on premium headphones, the headphones industry is expected to grow tremendously across the world. Taiwan has been the IT-centric economy due to its expertise in electronics hardware manufacturing.

Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs identified ICT and electronic components manufacturing industry as key players in boosting country’s economic growth. With a capacity to leverage its availability of low-cost resources and R&D expertise, Taiwanese manufacturers are now taking up new challenges and expanding beyond regional boundaries to benefit from the global market opportunities. This dissertation aims at understanding how the technological and environmental changes affect Taiwanese headphones/earphone companies’ globalization strategies. The dissertation has the following objectives:

  • To analyse three chosen companies, which are entering new markets
  • To assess the technological changes for headphone industry
  • To evaluate the environmental changes for Taiwanese headphones industry
  • To recognize what kind of model these chosen companies belong to using a best fit method
  • 15,000 words – 42 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Good analysis of subject area
  • Well written throughout
  • Includes interview transcripts
  • Ideal for MBA and international business students

1 – Introduction
Aim and Objectives
Dissertation Rationale

2 – Literature Review
Born-Global Theory
Impact of Globalization on Born-Global Firms
Risk Taking Mentality in Born-Global Firms
Born-Global Firms and Other International Organizations
Dunning’s Oli Framework
The Eclectic Paradigm

3 – Research Methodology
Research Method
Data Collection
Accessibility Issues
Ethical Considerations

4 – Findings
Industrial and Market Situation
Beats by Dre
Chord and Major
Pricing Strategies
Pricing Strategies for Earphones and Headphones
Location Specific Strategies
Foreign Countries Strategies
Business Models in Taiwan

5 – Conclusion, Recommendations and Internationalization Progress
The Process of Hoomia Entering Foreign Markets
The Process of Oblanc Entering Foreign Markets
The Process of Chord and Major Entering Foreign Markets


Interview Transcripts

Technological and Environmental Changes Dissertation
Technological and Environmental Changes Dissertation

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