Investigation into the Growing Importance of the Maintenance and Service Sector in Saudi Arabia (2014)

Maintenance and Service Sector in Saudi Arabia Dissertation – In today’s era of fierce competition, it is vital to keep ahead of the competition and to fulfill customer needs and wants in best possible way. The approach and adoption of total quality management (TQM) by some organizations has not always been successful, various studies are questioning the applications of these approaches across the globe and they argue that these quality management approaches are dependent upon organizational context i.e. size, industry and geographical area.

There are seven dimensions of quality management that have been used in research in the field of quality management. (1) Customer relationship (2) Support of top management (3) Workforce management (4) Supplier relationship (5) Process management (6) Product design and (7) Quality information. The maintenance of process equipment is a key task of any big or small asset intensive organization. In the previous three decades, maintenance of assets has been taken the proactive approach instead of reactive and it is considered as vital function rather than an evil. Maintenance of assets and processes has gained significant importance in order to operate profitably in today’s hyper-competitive environment.

The asset maintenance has been vital to increase the operational life of the equipment and to keep it in its original and faultless shape. Industrial maintenance is gone through drastic changes that involve two distinct dimensions: firstly, the decision makers’ attitude related to maintenance have been witnessed alterations, secondly, the activities relevant to maintenance are mostly outsourced from other firms that are specialized in providing the facilities of maintenance.

In these days, maintenance is not regarded as an expense to remove the malfunctions of asset, instead it is considered as an investment to keep the assets remain in order and to gain competitive advantage over other operators in the market. Total quality management takes the concept of maintenance of equipment on step ahead by introducing proactive, predictive and preventive maintenance. Total quality management mainly utilizes acquisition of real time data and analyse it with the assistance from skilled system in order to identify possible damages and failures in equipment and to preserve product and process quality.

The main purpose of this study is to examine the importance of maintenance and quality of service in Saudi Arabia industries in order to enhance the growth ratio within domestic and international market. The significance of this study is to understand the importance of maintenance and quality of service to customer in order to remain competitive in the industry. This study will help the organization to grow and maintain long term relationships with domestic and international customers. The quality of service with total quality management strategy is important in the new era of world of industries and management should ensure the maintenance with quality of service of all types of relations such as employees, customers, equipment, products and services within organization. This MBA dissertation will focus on the following research objectives are includes;

  • To understand the maintenance and service importance
  • To investigate the maintenance and service impact on industry growth
  • To understand the role of Total Quality Management with relation of maintenance and service
  • To critically investigate the main core factors that leads the Saudi Arabia industry towards competitive advantage
  • To recommend and suggest the quality of maintenance and service with organization
  • 17,000 words – 72 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Good analysis of subject area
  • Well written throughout
  • Includes questionnaire
  • Ideal for MBA and international business students

1 – Introduction
Background and Rationale of Study
Purpose of Study
Research Question
Research Objectives
Significance of Study

2 – Literature Review
Maintenance and Service
Service and Maintenance and Industry Growth
Total Quality Management (TQM) and Maintenance and Service
Customer Oriented Strategy
Competitive Advantage Industries in Saudi Arabia
Maintenance Service and TQM with International Standards
Key Factors of Competitive Advantage and Saudi Arabian Industry
International Standards (ISO)
Saudi Arabian Standards Organizations (SASO)
Saudi Industrial Development Fund

3 – Research Methodology
Research Design
Scientific Approach
Data Collection
Selection (sample)
Advantages of Using Questionnaire Techniques
The Issues in Techniques of Administering Questionnaire
Ethical Considerations

4 – Data Analysis and Discussion
Demographic Description
Data Analysis of objectives

5 – Discussion

6 – Conclusion, Recommendations and Conclusion



Maintenance and Service Sector in Saudi Arabia Dissertation
Maintenance and Service Sector in Saudi Arabia Dissertation

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