Green Supply Chain Management and Context of Consumer Buying Behaviour (2015)

This research investigates meaning and contextualisation of Green Supply Chain Management from consumer perspectives. The study is supported by a questionnaire and draws conclusions which can be implemented by modern electronics brands. Environmental discussion has taken a central role among the global leaders. Various government regulators around the globe encourage global brands to integrate green practices in day to day operations.

Amidst growing concerns towards environment, stiff competition and sluggish economic growth, the UK electronics industry is undergoing one of the toughest phases on transformation. Most brands such as Apple, Samsung and Sony have strived to formulate the concern for environment as a source of competitive advantage. These successful brands have adopted principles of reuse, recycle and reduce. Since, electronics items are different from other products hence various brands are adopting different practices to close the supply chain loop.

This research has focused on gaining insight knowledge about the consumer preferences and evaluates these opinions from a critical perspective. There has been very limited research about considering consumer opinions regarding green supply chain (especially in the UK electronics industry). This research hence aims to fill the gap by providing insight into consumer’s mind that can be effectively utilised by electronics brand in the UK. The primary aim of this study is to find out how consumer green supply chain practices adopted by various corporate impacts consumer buying behaviour of a typical UK consumer.

The research questions will be primarily answered through which was distributed through various social networking websites or other consumer forums. Hypothesis and research questions are supported with a brief discussion in literature review. The data collected was be analysed through SPSS. The study shows that consumers are more aware about the environmental hazards and make their best possible efforts to minimise them. The rise in the concern over environment among public is due to the deteriorating condition of the environment. The environmental and consumer interest groups, researchers and media collects and publish the data stating the environmental hazard that our world is facing.

Thus consumers are now much more aware and concerned because of which companies too have focused on running their supply chain in more effective way so as to meet the expectations of the customers. Various brands in the UK now use fair and correct means that could improve their supply chain by using minimum amount of natural resources and are playing their part as a social responsibility.

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1: Introduction
Problem Discussion
Green Supply Chain Management in Electronics Industry
Consumer Demands
Limited Resource Availability
Research Objectives

2: Literature Review
Supply Chain Management
Green Supply Chain Management
Green Supply Chain Practices
Process Benefits
Product Benefits
Green Design
Consumer Buying Behaviour
Radical Behaviourism
Teleological Behaviourism
Green Supply Chain Management and Consumer Behaviours
Development of Hypotheses

3: Research Methodology
Research Philosophy
Research Aim
Research Approach
Deductive Approach
Inductive Approach
Research Strategies
Research Method
Research Design
Qualitative vs. Quantitative Method
Types of Data
Primary Data Sources
Secondary Data Sources
Sampling Techniques
Probability Sampling
Non Probability Sampling
Research Design
Data Analysis
Ethical Issues
Validity and Reliability
Research Limitations

4: Empirical Findings and Analysis

5: Conclusion and Discussion
Research Questions Answered
Research Hypothesis Results
Scope for Future Research



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Green Supply Chain Management Dissertation

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