Analysing the Effectiveness of Continuous Innovation Strategy on Sustainability: Case Study of Apple UK (2015)

The increasing demand for continuous innovation strategy of organisations has been reinforced by several factors rapid continuous developments in technology, particularly ICT, dynamic competition, and globalisation. Hence, the capability of firms to be more innovative and bringing more innovations to the market effectively is a critical factor influencing the sustainability of firms in the global competitive business environment.

Innovation management literature has suggested that continuous innovations strategy has the ability to increase a firm’s market share and its operational effectiveness by improving the quality and productivity, while increasing reliability and flexibility. Many studies have identified innovation of a firm as one of the critical factors driving its growth and sustainability. However, some studies have also provided evidences to support that innovation strategy may not always be successful in providing its expected results. These conflicting findings have encouraged the researcher to conduct this research study so as to investigate the relationship between continuous innovations strategy and sustainability.

Accordingly, this research study has investigated how the continuous innovation strategy can have an impact on the sustainability of Apple Inc, is at present considered to be one of the biggest high-tech companies throughout the world. The results suggested that the continuous innovation strategy of Apple Inc have a considerable impact on its sustainability. Implications and further recommendation on Apple Inc. in respect of its innovation strategy and sustainability has further been discussed throughout the study. This study is significantly contribute towards identifying how high-tech firms such as Apple Inc cope with the challenges in adapting continuous innovation strategy.

In particular, to what extent innovation strategy of Apple Inc has succeeded can be examined through this study. While these findings assists other corporations to understand how their innovation strategy should adapted in the market, possible weaknesses in implementing innovations will be more valuable for them to reduce the risk of failure in innovations. Ultimately, the recommendations that are suggested based on the findings of the study will benefit Apple Inc in adapting effective continuous innovation strategy that supports its sustainability.

Research Objectives

  • To examine different types of innovations adapted by Apple Inc.
  • To observe the perceptions of Apple Inc towards its continuous innovation strategy
  • To investigate the extent to which continuous innovation strategy of Apple Inc has affected its sustainability
  • To explore valid recommendation for the improvements in continuous innovation strategies of Apple Inc.
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  • Excellent use of literature
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  • Well written throughout
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1 – Introduction
Background of the Study
Research Aim
Research Objectives
Research Questions
Significance of the Study
Scope of the Study
Rational of Study
Dissertation Structure

2 – Literature Review
Innovation strategies
Organisational Innovation, Technological Innovation and Marketing Innovation
Marketing and Innovation
Marketing-Innovation Challenge
Importance of Innovation Strategy
The Risks of New Product Launch
Overcoming the barriers to effective innovation

3 – Research Methodology
Research Philosophy
Research Approach
Research Strategy Research Design
Data Collection Method and Tools
Data Analysis and Presentation
Validity and Reliability
Time Schedule with Gantt chart
Research Limitations and Ethical Issues

4 – Results and Presentation
Continuous Innovation strategy of Apple Inc and its effectiveness
Most innovative products of Apple Inc and their sustainability
Type of Innovation of Apple and their effectiveness
The relationship between continuous innovations and sustainability of Apple Inc.

5 – Analysis and Discussion
Effectiveness of Innovation of Apple Inc
Most innovative products of Apple Inc and their sustainability
Type of Innovation of Apple and their effectiveness
The relationship between continuous innovations and sustainability of Apple Inc.
Recommendation for future research

6 – Conclusion and Recommendation



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