Impact of Social Welfare System on the Growth of the Irish Economy with Emphasis Placed on Unemployment (2014)

Irish Social Welfare System Dissertation – Studies have revealed that issues and crisis never emerge of their own rather they are born through injustice, illegal acts, unfair social systems and the non-involvement of the public in setting national goals and public activities.

The economic difficulties and the strict policies of the government are affecting the delivery of social welfare to the people and thus resulting into declined economic growth. In this study, the area under consideration is the Unemployment insurance and assistance which are flat-rate benefits provided by the Irish social welfare system. Unemployment insurance is paid at lower rates if other income is available. Unemployment assistance is income-tested on net income exceeding a disregard depending on family composition.

Housing benefits are available in principle, but the number of beneficiaries is very limited. Family benefits are universal, and additions to unemployment and assistance benefits are made for dependents. Two employment conditional benefits exist, targeted at part-time and full-time work respectively. A couple’s income is jointly assessed for income tax. The major objectives of this research are as follows:

  • The main objective of this research is to critically analyze and study the impact of current Irish social welfare system on its unemployment status.
  • It will find out whether the Irish social welfare system has negative or positive impact on economic growth by provision of its Unemployment insurance and assistance programs? And to which extent.
  • It will find out that can Ireland enhance its economic growth without improving its social welfare system measures regarding Unemployment insurance and assistance or not? If not, then what other factors can play important role in raising Ireland back to the heights of success.
  • The research findings will forecast the changes in the Irish social welfare system in near future. It will also recommend the necessary steps that must be taken to cope up with the latest unemployment crisis.
  • 14,000 words – 76 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Good analysis of subject area
  • Well written throughout
  • Includes questionnaire
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1: Introduction
Nature of the Problem
Actual Problem
Impact of the Problem
Research Objectives
Background and significance of Problem
Social Welfare System
Irish Social Welfare System
Payment Procedure – Unemployment Insurance and Assistance
Unemployment Insurance
Unemployment Assistance
Social Assistance
Family Assistance
Housing Assistance
Unemployment-Conditional Assistance
Lone-parent Assistance
Tax System for unemployed people
Part Time work
Rationale and Purpose of the Research

2: Literature Review
Historical View of Irish Economy
Irish Economy during the era of Celtic Tiger
Economic boom (1993-2000)
Economic crisis (2001-2006)
The Relation between Social Welfare System and Irish Economic Growth
National Recovery Plan (2010-2016)
A General Overview
Niche in the National Recovery Plan
Momentum and Springboard programs
Momentum program
Springboard program
One major flaw of Springboard and Momentum Programs
Job crisis and unemployment condition after Budget 2012
The propositions offered in Irish Budget 2013
Budget 2013 and Unemployment
Role and Views of European Union and IMF on Irish Social Welfare System
Trade Union policy perspective on Unemployment in Ireland
Problems in the Current Social Welfare System of Ireland
Recommended Changes in the Present Social Welfare System of Ireland

3: Research Methodology
What is Research Methodology
Research Objectives
Research Questions
Research Philosophy
Research Onion Diagram
Inductive Vs. Deductive
Research Approach
Research Strategy
Data Collection Tools and Sampling
Sampling Technique
Time Horizon
Data Collection Methods
Secondary Data Collection Methods
Primary Data Collection Methods
Data Analysis Tools
Ethical Considerations
Research Limitations

4: Data Analysis
Representation Of The Findings

5: Outcomes, Conclusion And Recommendation
Questionnaire Outcomes

6: Personal Assessment Of Learnings And Experience
Reflection on Learning
Learnings And Experience
The Challenges That I Came Across


Survey Questionnaire

Irish Social Welfare System Dissertation
Irish Social Welfare Dissertation

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